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Do.17/Do.215 Monograph


The Dornier 17 and 215 have become quite high profile of late with the discovery of the submerged wreck of a 17 that now resides at Cosford, Airfix's 1:72 kit, and now ICM's lovely and growing new range of kits in 1:48, so this book should find favour with a great many modellers, myself included. It is written by Marek J. Murawski, and extends to 136 pages in a portrait oriented oversize A4 format that is perfect-bound in a card cover. It details the genesis of the aircraft from the drawing board and its humble beginnings as a faux passenger aircraft before WWII, through the upgrades that gave rise to the 215 and through to the end of its life in text, with plenty of pictures and drawings, all of which are well captioned.


The sections are broken down as follows, but without an index, which is unusual for Kagero's offerings.

Pages 3-10 Introduction
Pages 11-15 design & development
Pages 16-38 Prototypes & serial production
Pages 39-99 Operational service
Page 100 Endnotes


  • 2 double A3 pages & 24 pages of A4 3-view drawings
  • 11 pages of colour profiles plus one on the back cover (pictured above)


The quality and diversity of photos is good to see, and there are many in the book that I have not seen before, as well as details of the changes that the aircraft went through during its career. The drawings are captive to the book to keep them safe from loss, with the A3 sheets folded to ensure they don't get damaged.

A great reference book for this type that will turn you into an instant expert if you read it from cover to cover. If you're looking for detail photos for your project you'll find them in droves, so whatever your point of view it's well worth acquiring one for the shelves.

Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of

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