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Polikarpov I-153 China 1941, Heller 1/72

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Next archive model - Polikarpov I-153 Chaika. Made from Heller 1/72 kit OOB except riging, drilled exhaust tubes and decals from drawer . I made small improvments now before posting - the main work was added rigings (EZ) and re-arragement of undercarridge - in my original build (about 1976-77) the wheels were set too narrow. I applied new decals - national insignia since old were broken and "75" on sides were smaller than shoud be. I am not sure if it is visible - please note first cable behind engine is double, as in original was.

Markings are from 5th Fighter Group of China Government (Nationalists) forces, 1941. Small numbers on both sides of tail were painted by free hand :) - this was made almost 40 years ago. I hope you will like it.

( edited to remove misprints)

Comments welcome




i153 DSC04781i153 DSC04780i153 DSC04779i153 DSC04777i153 DSC04775i153 DSC04772





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