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AEC Matador Crew[. 1:35


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AEC Matador Crew
Hobby Fan 1:35


If you fancy building a diorama or vignette using the AFV Club AEC Matador, reviewed HERE, then you might like to use these figures from AFV Clubs subsidiary Hobby Fan. The small flip top box contains four resin figures, each in a different pose. There is one driver and three troops for the rear seating, two seated and one standing, leaning over the sideboard. The two seated could be used elsewhere, such as the co-drivers position, should you so wish. The mouldings are very highly quality with a superb amount of detail, and although the torso and legs are moulded as one piece the arms and heads are separate, allowing the modeller to pose them as required although some modification will be required to the tunic. All four figures are also provided with separate helmets. Hopefully Hobby Fan will bring out some other figures for the Matador thus allowing more possibilities. Very highly recommended.






Review sample courtesy of
logo.gifUK Distributors for logo.gif

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