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Steampunk anyone?

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Not everyone's cup of tea, but...

At the end of August for the bank holiday weekend

there will be a three day steampunk festival in Lincoln

in the uphill cathedral area.

Have a look at visitlincoln.com for details.

Hopefully I'll be going into town to have a look.


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When might we see a 'real' effort to produce a 'proper' H G Wells' War of the Worlds? Dollop of steampunk, try and look at it from the invaders' perspective, and if they started working on antibiotics it could even turn into a TV mini-series.

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Certainly heading that way in my thoughts, but in my fantasy world of entertainment (not sure I have the words in the right order there) I'd be looking for the GoT, or Robert Downey Jnr/Jude Law Sherlock Holmes approach.

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We went out for drinkies in Lincoln last night (Wig & Mitre)

And there were some people in costume down there then.

Nipped down mid morning today for a proper look and it

was quite impressive.

Huge commitment to detail by these people in costume

and equipment, accessories etc. And a number of European

accents were evident too.

Nice little market selling costumes etc and a lot of the local shops

around the Cathedral had entered the spirit of the thing with their

window displays.


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