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Well, I've thought about it and cant really decide so I thought id do as much as possible.

The plan which I know will fail will consist of the following

1x Defiant Airfix 264sqd (PS-U)
1x Spit, AZ Mk.Ib QV-H Mr Unwins kite
1x Airfix Hurricane KW-Z 615sqd
1x Special Hobby Defiant (TW-H 141 Sqd, West Malling)

1x Airfix He111P-2

So that's the plan, I reserve the right to deviate a little as im constructing. :)

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Dang it, well according to the rules, the Anson due to it being not a recognised squadron which I don't actually agree with as supplies and transfers are a fundamental part of war, is out as she flew with 500sqd. These are the rules and shall abide.

So are the 255sqd & 307sqd Defiants

Edit SH defiant back in as 151Sqd TW-H.

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So with the formalities out the way I started with the hurricane and using some research of others of the Lambeth kits I did the same work to mine.

Sanded and scribed the panel line.


Scribed the gun port panel.

Cockpit airbrushed and detailed with a little wash.


Bottoms up! flor in place airbrushed hu11 with a little weathering.


Don't mind if I do, take a seat.


Best shut up shop now. Went together nicely.


Don't clamp me, please!


Now for a bit of Defiance.

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Airfix Defiant, What a beauty in my opinion and when comparing to the SH kits this is so much easier.

Cockpit airbrushed and some detailing taking place.


Seat to Seat, which ones which?


Mystery seat in place.


Another angle


God of got too many shops to close!


Made in matrimony. no pre-nups here!


Ooh bottom ooh I say!


SHhhhhh Defiant, two can play at this game! No real vices.



Bit of a tough old bird to stick together. Mind need a bit of seam work my dear.


Bloody hell, these wings don't go on, best a bit of sanding of the wheel wells.


At last redemption. However those wing joints are a wee bit tight so needs some fettling to meet the fuselage.


See what I mean, mind the gap peeps.


Right had a nuff of these petulant kites, now for some Shrue.

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Ah ha, a bit of a conversion I see with this kit.

Right on,

Shot pre Mk.Ib, cut o0ff bits here and here.


Where'd they go!


mmm those bladders are a bit large, best go a wee sir.


Ahh much better.


Plain boring cockpit but what a small fuss, so many parts not fitting as well as they should.


Time for phase two.

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Blimey has it really been 2 weeks?

Ok onwards with the update.


Fuselage interior and cockpit got the works done on them. Beware there are no location markers on AZ kits so its a little hit and miss where you place the cockpit. I think I got it sport on just something to bare in mind.


Fuselage closed up along with the wing ready to meet.


SH Defiant

Wings meet fuselage which didn't really meet that well. A bit of removal at the wing root of the main wing was required with a few test fits to ensure that they actually met. I also assembled the turret and sanded the faring so that would fit as well. mr surface was used to fill the join.


Voila took a bit but got there.


Spit: I tested out a new marker for the panel lines. im not one for accentuating them tbh because on most real ac you don't see them highlighted as some modellers but in this instance id though id try it out on a dirty spit. You can see with one done and one not the emphasis isn't that great. Hu1 was used as the primer.


After priming all ac they got a coat of xtracrylis earth, now im not a lover of acrylics for various reasons but as I have a few tubs id thought id use them.


Undercarriage fitted along with the xtracrylic raf green applied. One of the reasons for not using acrylic is the multiple coats if brushing. Another reason is you have to apply thinly, wait to dry before doing another coat. In 1/72 masking is a pain and takes too long. Oh and acrylics clog up the airbrush even with flow enhancer so the whole process takes ages imo.


I though that id stick to the RAF flight then this thing turned up. Well I thought it would be rude not too eh.


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Nice work.

I like the AZ Spitfire Ib/IIb/Vc/VI... I have 8 awaiting un-boxing, at least 3 will be Ibs.

Like wise, I have 2 boxings of the recent 3in1 with moulding issues (spinner filled in) and all of AZ previous boxings to build at some stage. its a good short run kit.

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Right onto the 'einkel.

Fuselage halves have nice IP detail inserts along with the main fuselage bulkheads, very nice detail if you want to go to town albeit a bit wasted as you cant see anything through the windows.


Some defensive armament that isn't required for this version requires removal.



Fuselage interior airbrushed RLM66 (hu32).


Bomb aimer and pilot seats and surrounding areas. The control colum is the trickiest due to multiple small parts joining together so you have to do this in stages to allow for pieces to dry.


Engine Parts.

Now there definitely will be a later release i.e. H3/H6 and beyond as they used upgraded engines. The parts can only be for a P as the intake is on the wrong side than the later models. There are also some other noticeable differences. So if you want to build a BOB H version convert the Hasegawa one as that has the correct engines and bits.


Wheel wells, Bombay and centre fuselage piece along with top turret.


Engines completed - will need some tidying up as the joins are that great leaving slight gaps.



Time to wrap everything up! Fuselage halves gotogether pretty well although again there will be a join line to sort out. Its a little tricky getting everything to hold so multiple clamps are required.


Additional painting to the cockpit shown here too.


Wings meet fuselage - need clamps!. Due to the different joining position of the wing i.e. longer on top shorter bottom (to the centre fuselage section) the cementing isn't straight forward I found. I don't know why I had slight difficulty with it so I cemented the bottom then waited and then dropped some extra thin on the top of the wing root join, so a two part cementing. You will see what I mean if you build one. Just a little tricky and patience required. Oh and you have to wait for one wing to dry at a time. The tail planes have to go in at this stage otherwise you cant fit the rear wheel housing. Don't think ill leave them off and paint later as we can with other kits!



First coat of RLM 70; Hu241 which has had much debate. It seemed to airbrush fine with some thinning.


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Blimey, doesn't time fly!

Well I have done quite a bit on the aircraft just and lousy at posting updated pic and progress so ill bring people up to date in this update.

Right onto the einkel

Here she had a coat of pledge and I started to assemble the main canopy.


I then proceeded to add some decals and fixed the glazing in place. Also put some colour to those spinners.


Moving onto the SH Defiant and AZ spit, both had camo painted on with glazing to complete.


Adding some height with the aid of their U/C. The az spits U/c is too long and needs trimming slightly. These are short run kits afterall.


All being well should get the heinkel finished and hopeful of the Airfix duo being done as well.

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Well ive managed to finish the 'einkel but not quite the others , they will probably be done tomorrow a day late. hey ho

Airfix Heinkel P2


6./ KG 55 'Greif' Villacoubly, France 1940


Shoot I forgot the red stripe, oh well have to be done tomorrow and take this as artistic licence as the red walkways might have worn off or not painted on :)

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