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Hi everyone, this is my latest aircraft diorama. I had an old Academys F-84 thunderjet kit and I didn't want it to throw away and so I decided to make small vignette with it. I was inspired by the new Star wars: The force awakens teaser trailer when I saw the x-wing and the star destroyer in the sand. I started digging into reference if any thunderjet crashed in the desert, pilot was killed in the crash, so that is my interpretation of this event. I hope you guys like it!

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Hi Barleta,

I like the weathering on what's left of the quarter plane. I must confess it feels somewhat morbid, but I am a big baby!

Are these giant rattlers on the fuselage or a King Cobra? Colour notwithstanding, it looks like the Egyptian Cobras I have outside my door...

All in all, original work!


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Interesting diorama, nicely done...(it might also be nice to do one with a bit more of the aircraft scattered around perhaps?... )

btw, ... are you sure the piiot didn't eject safely after all? :)

cheers, D

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