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Finished -1/48 Revell converted to GR1

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this is a late entry.

It will be mostly out of the boxes........ using the best of two kits.

The airfix was donated by my brother in law. He had built up a stash but his eyesight is going so I inherited a few older kits. It will be used for a few parts, concentrating mainly on the revell kit.

I will give away the remains to anyone who wants them- all I would ask is postage. PM if interested and first dibs get the spares.

Day 1

mostly reading references and fondling plastic

here is the start point


cockpit started- revell pit sanded down and airfix decals used. first coat on seats, I plan to use some tape to add belts


Day 2

marathon - lots done, kit went together nicely and I was in the mood so went with the flow.

First time Iv done a kit split horizontally and although most of the joins are ok , it looks like a bit of putty will be needed to smooth everything together


Day 3 - nightmare. although everything seemed to line up Iv had real trouble with the airbrakes,

I wanted to do these open but when I came to place the top on the airbrakes were catching on the rear plate.

No problem I thought Iv glued the airbrake internals too far forward when I joined them to the top plate.

So I removed them and planned to put on the top and then slide them into position.

This didnt work out. the locations arnt great on the kit and I couldnr get them to sit right , matching sides and top,

Ok screw this , lets do them closed up .........but no !!! now the airbrake doors wouldnt sit flat

And the rear wouldnt line up.

So Iv spent all day removing the airbrake internals, fettling them , trying to place them and then get everything else lined up - eventually got them in and the doors closed.

Everything is drying and Im not touching it again tonight or it might go for a flying lesson into the bin

Ill post pics tomorrow when Iv calmed down

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A picture is worth a .....

here is the offending area from my rant.


Reading other posts a few have had problems with this area so Im not alone.

If I were to build another one Id either leave out the inner parts and just glue the doors to the top prior to joining the top to the sides or if I wanted the inners and the doors open Id butcher the back wall to make it fit prior to gluing the top.

Here is the state of play for today


I have covered the wing gloves with tamiya tape for a more realistic cloth effect

Edited by delta7

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Day 4

Tail on and engines built up


joins not bad these are the worst- airbrake door


rear of pit to top join- Iv stuffed a bit of card here to help with filler


the wing gloves looked to sit a bit high so I sanded them a bit and rescribed some lines

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Day 5

Spent today on the flaps and slats, I was thinking about having everything open but decided I didn't want the Hassel so it will be closed up.

This isn't the easiest kit , a lot of test fitting and sanding to try to get best fit.

After the wings are finished I am at the stage of having to fill and sand before progressing

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Looks like a struggle alright. The 1/32 cousin isn't much better so it's a Revell thing!

Keep fighting it, you're winning!

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Thanks for the encouragement. Things are going slow as I have to think about steps and clean up and test fit a lot

slats and flaps are on and Iv built up the loadouts. Im now fixing joins ready to complete inlets

Once the green stuff has been dried and sanded smooth I will go over the joins with mr surfacer 500 and sand again.

after pictures were taken I filled in the gun ports as Iv decided it will be a 2 SQ AC in norway winter camo if it gets that far.



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After a break , I'm back. Filling sanding and filling mostly- at one point today I looked like the incredable hulk there was so much green dust over me.

I'll post some pics tomorrow.

I also picked up tamiya white primer, cunning plan is to scribe out some details lost through sanding then spray white primer, mask this and spray grey .

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here is progress ( slowwwww progress) to date

intakes on and yep filled


airbrakes not too bad


primed with tamiya white- which will be the camo- and final touching up with mr surfacer


stores primed with halfords grey


I have finished sanding and touched up the white.

I used blue tack with selophane to mask white and have first coat of grey on and waiting to dry

Thats it for the Group build, I wont make deadline, realistically knew I wouldnt, but Ill post up progress until complete

Well done to all who finished .

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Here is the progress to date....


The paint came out OK , Im allowing it to be slightly rough as the white was done over the green.

Decals are are disappointment , the xtradecals are translucent which means the grey camo shines through them.......

Im using the airfix boxing decals for stencils etc and they are ok , just need a lot of solution to setle in

Definately a love/hate build, lots of niggles and things not right but when you stand back and look it actually looks ok.

Iv definately given up on accuracy, paint ,colours, markings and decals are what they are and will have to do.

I give a virtual bow to those who finish this kit neatly .. well done to them

Edited by delta7

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Revell 1/48th Kit with bits from airfix gr1b

Humbrol spray can acryllics

xtradecal and airfix decals

florys wash and vallejo matt dullcote

eduard masks

replacement master model probe

Not claiming any accuracy for this as I lost a bit of mojo 1/2 way through and just wanted it finished. Mixed feelings about this - kit was good in places and tricky in others, dissapointed that decals white was translucent and background shines through but probably all faults could have been rectified with a bit more time from myself.





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Success! Glad you got the better of those ugly seams.



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