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Red Roo Models no Longer Accepts PayPal

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As of today (27 July 2015) Red Roo Models is no longer accepting PayPal as a means of payment for orders placed on the website or by PayPal Invoice or PayPal Requests.

Customers wishing to pay by credit card are instead provided with our secure e-Path payment page. This page is easy to use, encrypted, secure and PCI compliant and has been available on our website as an alternative means of secure on-line payment since the introduction of the re-designed website almost six years ago. It fully complies with Australian law and the Australian Payments Clearing Association requirements.

This has come about over the last few days when PayPal, without warning or explanation, began withholding funds received from customers as payment for their orders. Subsequent inquiries indicated that a new policy of forcing merchants to become “preferred sellers” (which had previously been associated with eBay) after a lengthy waiting period and thereafter accept a slow release of funds had been introduced. PayPal has further attempted to impose their preferred method of shipping on Red Roo Models and our customers via trackable post or couriers. We already offer our customers a choice of trackable and express postage (also trackable) within Australia and standard Air Mail or trackable international postage outside Australia (available at a higher postage charge). Adopting the PayPal requirements means our customers would have no choice but to pay higher postage fees and we would have to change our shopping cart to delete many of the shipping choices our customers currently may choose from. We would also no longer be able to link to the Australia Post Postage Calculator API, meaning we would have to introduce “blanket” charges.

PayPal claims this is all designed to make it “safer” for customers. After 20 years of on-line trading we say this is rubbish – we have established a solid reputation for quality, value for money and honesty by successfully selling in over 25 countries around the world.

We are currently undertaking the creation of a new “all in one” e-gate payment solution for our website which we believe will meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

All orders paid for using PayPal prior 27 July 2015 will be completed and shipped to our customers. All orders paid for using the e-Path secure hosted payments page will be processed as usual.

As soon as the new paygate is completed we will switch it on.

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