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Rob Walker Lotus 72C

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I'm deliberately trying to step out of my comfort zone. As a first step I built a Renault RE30B in the recent French Fancy GB. Emboldened by that, I thought I would have a go at another Formula 1 car. So this is my first post in the vehicles section of BM. I hope you'll be gentle with me. :)

My problem is that I tend to get a bit obsessed with things... I also like to build a series of models which show how things evolve and develop over a period of time. So with those two things in mind, here is a long term project I intend to work on over the next five years or so. I hope to show the development of Lotus Formula 1 cars. Have a gander at The Stash...


I did mention obsession, didn't I? :D

So I think I will kick off with a Lotus 72. The JPS Lotus 72 is probably my all time favourite Formula 1 car but I'll leave that one until I get a few of these under my belt.

So here goes nothing...


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Starting off with the obligatory sprue shots.

This looks to be a superb kit.





The kit allows one to build two versions: 1970 Italian GP with no front wings and a cutdown rear wing; 1970 Mexico and US GP, with front and rear wings. The latter has rear view mirrors on stalks which would be pretty difficult to represent in plastic, so the stalks are provided in cast metal which is what you can see between the windscreen and the tyres. The plastic packaging for this also serves as a drilling jig. this shows the amount of care which has gone into producing this kit.


I will be building the Italian GP version without wings.

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I'll be following this one- I have exactly the same plan to do a group of the Lotus F1 cars from the 60's to the 90's, so have a very similar looking stash!


So far I've done the 78 and 79, and have the 72C in progress at the moment. I've decided to convert mine to Rindt's car though.

Will you be getting the Ebbro 88b and 91 when they're released?

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