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Lindberg Dornier

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At the beginning of the Battle of Britain KG 3 had a total of 108 bombers, of which 88 were combat ready. KG 3 operated during all phases of the battle. From June 1940 to March 1941 they were stationed at le Culot in France. In March 1941 II. Gruppe left for bases in Poland. During their relocation the unit stopped at Oldenburg for conversion onto the Ju 88 which was completed on 16 March. The rest of the Geschwader had converted to the Ju 88 by early June 1941.

This is the ancient Lindberg kit. The cockpit is crude and incorrect in its layout. The pilots sit centrally, all facing forward, whereas in reality the pilot sat forward to the left, two more crew sit behind him to the right (facing forward) and the fourth sits centrally facing the rear. I did not correct this, preferring to build straight from the box, as the manufacturer intended, but with more accurate markings. No machine guns are included in this kit, so the builder must acquire half a dozen if required. That said, there is little chance of making an accurate model, such are the simplifications and errors of this kit. While these may have been acceptable 50 years ago, the modern modeller is more demanding and this kit falls well short of today's standards. For me it was a nostalgic build - I cut my teeth on kits like this.





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There is absolutely nothing wrong with a nostalgia build and as far as I can see you have done a fine ob.


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