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clear coat for oil paint finish on a prop?


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Hi all,

as recommended by all good modelling magazines I painted a propeller blade in a light base colour (acrylic) and then applied oil paint thinned with turpentine and now I have a nice wood grain finish on the prop.

My problem is I want to seal it but have no idea if I should use enamel or acrylic varnish over the oil paint?

To head it off at the pass (so to speak) if the answer is 'use Johnson's Klear' I don't have any I'm afraid.

It would be nice if the answer were "both enamel and acrylic are just fine over oil paint" but suspect I'll not be that lucky?

Any advice is gratefully received.



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Acrylic varnish only, I recommend.

thanks for the swift reply, I have lots of different acrylic varnishes so that was the 'right' answer! :)

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