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A-109K2 Rega - 1:72 Revell

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A-109 K2 Rega

Revell 1:72


The A-109 was developed in the 1960's by Agusta Helicopters of Italy as a single engine commercial helicopter, however it was quickly realised that a twin engine design was needed and this was redesigned in 1969. The first prototype flew in 1971 with production aircraft being delivered in early 1976.

The helicopter has been a commercial success for Agusta and later AgustaWestland. It has been used in light transport, Air Ambulance and Search & Rescue roles. Military versions were also produced which have sold well.

Rega operate from 13 bases in Switzerland with the aim of being able to reach any location in Switzerland (Except in the Valais canton) within 15 minutes flying time. They have 11 of the A-109, 6 EC 145 and three ambulance Challenger CL-604 jets. The helicopters are primarily for operations inside Switzerland and as well as the 15 mins travel time they aim to be in the air within 5 minutes of being called.

For more information on Rega they have an excellent website in English, German, French, and Italian at: http://www.rega.ch

The Kit
Revell first kitted the A-109 back in 1999. On the box then it was listed as The Agusta A-109. The "Agusta" has now been dropped, probably to avoid paying royalties! The kit comes on three sprues of white plastic and one clear sprue. The parts are very well moulded with no flash. Detail is a mix of fine raised and recessed panel lines. Care will need to be taken with the fine antennas and unusually large tail skid which are moulded to one of the fuselage halves. The interior reflects the medical evacuation nature of Rega's helicopters.


Construction starts with the cockpit / main cabin area. The pilots seats are fitted as are cyclic controls. The rudder pedals are moulded into the floor, but there is no sign of collective controls. The instrument panel is fitted, with the instruments being provided as decals. The rear bulkhead is fitted along with an internal bulkhead. The rear bulkhead and upper bulkhead inside have a textured sound panelling effect. The medical panel is fitted next along with the seat of the attending medic. Next to this is placed the stretcher. The main rotor shaft is then added into the cabin roof. The roof can then be attached to the main cabin.


Once the main cabin is complete it can be added into the fuselage, and the two halves closed up. The tail rotor is added at this stage (though I suspect many will leave it until the end). Once this is done the underside of the main body can be added. Attention then switches to the engine and exhaust area. A rear bulkhead part is added and then main engine deck can be added. The exhaust parts are then added to this. Once these are on the tail boom wings can be added along with an upper boom aerial. The main gear sponsons are the next parts to construct. These are two part (upper and lower) to which the gear legs and wheels attach.


Once the main parts are constructed the sponsons are attached and the front gear as well. All the glazing is now added. The main screen, upper windows, side windows, cabin windows, and an under fuselage window under the pilot. The main cabin door can be posed open or closed as needed. As the helo operates in snow covered regions a set of snow shoes are proved for all three wheels. The last item to be added is the main rotor. This is of conventional construction with for blades attaching to a central hub.

The clear parts are well moulded if a little thick for this scale. They are though clear and relatively distortion free. The sliding parts of the pilots side windows are nicely moulded onto the parts.


Decals are provided for one aircraft only HB-XWB as operated by Swiss Air Rescue Rega. There is no mention of a maker but the look clear and in register. Unusually for Revell some of the decals are missed off the placement instructions.


It is great to see this kit back on release. It makes upto a good looking helicopter. There are many who model civilian helicopters and in particular Medical / SAR ones and this will appeal to them. Highly recommended.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.

For further information visit logo-revell-2009.gif

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