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AEC Matador - books, plans?


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Are there any books or other publications which have plans and dimensions of the different types that can be built using the basic AEC Matador?

I'm interested in doing some conversions; to crane/recovery, fuellers and possibly civilian types etc. and could do with a 'difinitive source'.

Any helpful guidelines on this would be gratefully appreciated.



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"Taking the rough with the smooth; the AEC Matador story" by Steve Richards is a good starting point:


As for scale plans, the old Airfix Magazine Guides and Bellona Military Vehicle Data booklets have 1/76 scale plans of different Matador versions. Finally Geoff Lacey's 1/76 scale plans have most of the Matador and AEC 0854 versions. You can buy Geoff's plans through Dan Taylor. Send him an email to obtain a list of Geoff's plans:




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