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Dragon 1/144 Northrop F-5F Freedom Fighter Fuerza Aérea Mexicana

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Hello Everyone,

This is my second entry to the Lesser Built Air-Forces GB. This kit was made using the Dragon 1/144 F-5F and using the Retrowings cockpit upgrade set. I had a right nightmare with this kit. I lost the canopy, luckily I had a spare but that cracked when I tried to get it off the sprue. Then I found two kits in Australia, which I promptly ordered... they never turned up. I am going to blame all of the creepy-crawleys in that country. Some spider is munching on my kit right now :(

The decals are from Aztec Decals celebrating 20 years service of the F-5 with the Fuerza Aérea Mexicana and from what I understand of it, the scheme was painted by the guys at Aztec onto the plane (I could be completely wrong).

On to the pictures... yay...



Sorry for the bad quality picture, I will try to take this one again...




Let me know what you guys think,

Kind Regards,


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Thank you both :)

Synopsis, the actual size of the model is about 7cm long give or take.

Looking at the pictures, they are kinda pants. I will endeavour to re-take them at a later date.

Kind Regards,


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