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Stug III Ausf G Early/Late. 1:35


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Stug III Ausf G Early/Late

ET Models 1:35


These five sets are for the Dragon Smart Kits with two sets for each of the Early and Late versions along with the fender set which is universal. There doesn’t seem to be any crossover between the sets so the modeller can add as much or as little extra detail to the kit as they see fit. As usual each set is contained in a thick poly bag with a card header and the instructions on the standard green A4 sheets. They are pretty clear and concise, but careful reading will reap rewards when it comes to fitting the sub assemblies to their respective positions. Some kit detail will need to be removed before adding the etched parts, plus brass and styrene rod will be required from the modellers own stock.

Basic Set Early Version. (Early, EA35-225), (Late, E35-226)
Although titled a basic set, these far from it, with lots of beautifully relief etched brass and a length of brass wire. Each set contains three sheets of relief etched brass, each of differing sizes. The vast majority of parts are the same for each set with only one or two differences. As usual a lot of the parts contained on the sheets are used to replace the many clamps and brackets for the pioneer tools, fire extinguisher, track fittings, and storage box straps. The gunners cupola is completely replaced with new brass parts and includes the raised plate, hatch, and hatch fixtures and fittings. The early set differs with the inclusion of the machine gun shield for the commanders hatch which is also provided with new hinges and locking mechanism. The smoke dischargers are provided with new brackets whilst the headlights are improved with new brackets and support mounts. The various intakes are fitted with new mesh parts, along with new plates for the exhaust. On the rear deck there is a new storage box and a new framework and its supports.

Basic Early



Basic Late



Schurzen (Early E35-227), (Late E35-228)
Due to the differences between the two styles of Schurzen the Early set contains two sheets of brass whilst the late set only includes one sheet.
The two part set provides all the parts to make up the two large side screens that fit along the side, covering the return rollers and the corresponding track along with the four parts that make up the shield along the upper section of the fighting compartment. Naturally all the requisite hangers and brackets are also provided. The same goes for the Late set, only the four upper panels are not included, just eh large side panels.

Shurzen Early



Shurzen Late


Fenders (E35-107)
This two sheet set can be used for either versions of the Dragon kit and contains two complete fender braces, the fender decks and their associated fixings and fixtures including mudguards front and rear. The detail on the fender decks is really well done with the anti-slip tread looking great.



ET really know how to make superb detail sets for the modern modeller. These are well up to their usual standards, and whilst not meant for absolute novice modellers they aren’t so difficult as to preclude those with even only a modicum of experience. It’s just a matter of choosing your Stug III version and adding the brass. Highly recommended.

Review Sample courtesy of logo.gif

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