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USAAF B-25 North Africa/Med camo schemes

modelling minion

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Hi all,

I am considering building a B-25 Mitchell and would like to finish it as an aircraft that was based in either North Africa or the Mediterranean.

Whilst looking through my references and trawling the internet I keep coming across profiles of aircraft which are painted in a disruptive upper surface camo of sand and green which I really like, the only problem is that I cannot find a single photograph to back any of these schemes up and I don't want to build something in a spurious scheme.

I was wondering if any of you could either point me in the right direction or disprove these schemes once and for all, either way I will be happy as there are other schemes I could use.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Craig

Dana Bell's USAAF Camouflage and Markings ETO/MTO 1942-45 has a photo on the first page, captioned 'why a book like this is necessary' of 6 B-25's, at least 3 are in OD and sand, so it is a real scheme.

I'll dig the book out later if you want more info.

EDIT found it


the book caption makes note of the many small variations of schemes, note the variations in upper wing stars for example, the only consistent marking being the RAF type fin flash.

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Thanks for the help guys.

Troy that picture is really useful. As you say it shows that there was absolutely no standardisation to the colour schemes at all, or even the national markings. It looks to me that at least a couple of the aircraft have had the star and bar removed from the upper surface of the right wing.

Hornet thanks for the link, I shall have a good trawl through the site later.


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Hi Craig

the book is US Air Force Colors, ETO/MTO 1942-45, not as stated above.


there is a later reprint as well

I dug the book out, there is a clear side view on page 18 of a 12th BG B-25, saying that they were delivered in sand over neutral gray, and the OD was field applied.

a bit more searching



the link has a load more shots, often of noses and crews.

This is the sort of question I'd suggest asking on Hyperscale Plane Talking, they have a larger US readership, and you'd get more information there.



PS Here's a later J model with camo, which is unusual


DOH! closer inspection shows the 'camo' to be a shadow of another plane!

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Thanks once again Troy, a fantastic link.

I shall have to try and get myself a copy of that book as well, I think I will find it really useful.

A pity about the J model not being camouflaged, that would be great. Revell did release the monogram J a few years ago with markings for a Swiss owned warbird which is finished in the sand and olive drab scheme but I always suspected that this was wishful thinking rather than historically accurate, which is a real pity as it looked very good and the decals were excellent quality.


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Hi Craig

some good camo B-25J options, Navy PBY-1J are neat, in USN 3 tone, have a search, they had some gun nose strafers too.

, my pick


When the USAAF dropped camouflage planes in late 43, some Lend Lease user still wanted camo, including the VVS, so North American asked what they wanted, the VVS wanted this.

on a test flight in the US, hence the colour pic

camo diagram


in service

fuller details are here

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