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1/72 - Fokker E.II/E.III Eindecker by Airfix - released - new boxing in February 2018


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New airfix kit in progres is a 1/72nd Fokker E.II/E.III Eindecker

Source: http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/workbench-behind-the-scenes-at-airfix/


Fokker E.II/E.III Eindecker


Computer rendered 3D CAD images of the BE2c and the Fokker Eindecker

The second new model announcement is just as appealing as the BE2c and could be described as its nemesis in the Western Front, the Fokker Eindecker. Most people would describe the Eindecker as the first purpose built fighter aircraft in the world and although it was by no means the perfect fighting machine, it was to have a huge impact on the air war over the Western Front.


Replica Fokker Eindecker at the historic Stow Maries aerodrome - image courtesy of Steve Kimpton

The Fokker Eindecker has to be regarded as one of the most significant aircraft in the history of aerial warfare. It was the first purpose built German fighter aircraft and was unusual in being a monoplane design, at a time when most aircraft designs were of biplane configuration. It also possessed a huge technological innovation, which gave the aircraft a massive strategic advantage it was the first aircraft to be fitted with gun synchronization gear. This significant development allowed the machine guns of the Eindecker to fire through the arc of the propeller, without the fear of hitting the blades themselves. Significantly, this allowed the machine guns to be installed in the eye-line of the pilot and made attacking another aircraft much easier, with a much higher possibility of a securing a victory. This proved to be a huge advantage for Luftstreitfrafte pilots and led to a period of air superiority for the Germans, over the Western Front. In a period known as The Fokker Scourge, by Allied pilots, the Eindeckers enjoyed great success against their adversaries, who were so dismissive of the capabilities of their own aircraft, that they referred to them as nothing more than Fokker fodder!


Computer rendered 3D CAD image of the new Airfix Fokker Eindecker

Fokker E.II Eindecker, 69/15, Lt. Baron Kurt von Crailsheim, Feldflieger Abteilung 53, Monthois Airfield, France Late 1915

Again, this fantastic new 1/72nd scale kit is due to be released in January 2016. In addition, both of these models will be available to pre-order shortly - check back here for details. As the models near release and when we receive the latest artwork information, we will certainly share these details with you in a future edition of Workbench.




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Rigging holes provided as a matter of course! At least I probably won't snap as many 0.3 mm bits on this kit as I did on the Eduard one.

The Airfix kit looks to offer a nice robust solution to the tailplane issue too by moulding it as part of the fuselage.

That'll be a cute little Fokker when it hits the market.

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This looks like it has the parts for the single m/g E1 and not the twin m/g E.III

Looks like a nice parts breakdown.

I think it's to be an E.II

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This looks like it has the parts for the single m/g E1 and not the twin m/g E.III

Looks like a nice parts breakdown.

E.I, E.II and E.III had single guns.

The E.IV had initially three guns, then only two. After it still proved a lemon *some* E.III were fitted with two guns


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It isn't a pure butt joint - there is an extension representing the spar going into a hole in the fuselage. Whether this is meeting the other half or some attachment part isn't clear. Plus a small location pint near the trailing edge. However it is still a subject that will benefit enormously from added bracing.

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Looking at the butt joint of those wings this is one model that will need to be rigged for structural reasons and not just realism.

Hi, it looks like there are cutouts for stubs on the wings to me (two slots slightly angled one in each fuselage, and 'spars' to the left on one and right on the other wing just away from the gates) , so no butt joint. I hope my eyes are not deceiving me!


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Source: http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/news/workbench/boeing-bristol-blenheim-be2c-and-more/

Quote Fokker E.II Eindecker ImageN2.jpg

The magnificent box artwork adorning the Airfix Fokker Eindecker

As the aeroplane began to play a significant role in military operations over the Western Front, the German Air Service introduced an aircraft that was to change the course of aviation history. The Fokker Eindecker series were the first true fighter aircraft of the Great War and saw the introduction of a gun synchronisation mechanism, which allowed German pilots to fire their guns through the arc of the propeller, but crucially, in the pilot’s line of sight.

Light and manoeuvrable, the combat introduction of the Fokker Eindecker proved to be devastatingly effective and it was responsible for allowing the Luftstreitkrafte to enjoy a period of air superiority. In a phase of the air war known as the ‘Fokker Scourge’, the Eindecker proved to be the nemesis of the RFC BE2c reconnaissance aircraft, with many falling to the guns of the German fighter. There can be no doubting that the Fokker Eindecker series of aircraft are extremely significant in the history of WWI aviation and indeed of aerial warfare. The decal options supplied with this kit (A01086) are:


Livery and decal details for the new Airfix Fokker E.II Eindecker

Fokker E.II (Late) Eindecker
Lt. Baron Kurt von Crailsheim
Feldflieger Abteilung 53
Monthois Airfield
October 1915

The Airfix designers are rightly proud of these two new Great War models, which are both due to be released at the end of January 2016. The Official Airfix YouTube channel now features a superb construction video of the Fokker Eindecker, which really does illustrate the impressive level of detail that has been incorporated into this kit.


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