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Hello All,

This build has been pottering along in the background for ages, waiting for me to get inspired to do rigging. This weekend I got the EZLine and the swearing jar out and had a go!

It's brush painted in acrylics (Revell Nato Olive over Humbrol 71 Oak, with Revell Wood Brown, Humbrol 27 Dark Sea Grey and Citadel Leadbelcher) and for the undersides I masked off the linen colour on the frames and gave it a drybrush stipple with a darker shade in between them. The variation looks quite subtle in real life but gets lost a bit in the photos (my excuse!).

Rigging is all EZLine, with which I have a love-hate relationship (it hates me!) and it's my first attempt at double flying wires. I tried out my new 0.2mm drills but after breaking two in the first two holes I reverted back to my trusty 40-year-old 0.5mm bit.

I scratched the Scarff mounting, using some cut out coke can, sprue and elastic thread to enhance the "U" frame trimmed out of the kit part. There is also a more detailed cockpit and instrument panel, but you can't photograph it under the front wing!

I ran a fine tip (0.1mm) black permanent marker round the groove between the wheel and the tyre, which gave me a nice sharp border for painting the tyre.

I thoroughly recommend this kit, which has appeared in boxings from several manufacturers. I did play around with the "W" struts to get a good fit, but apart from that it was plain sailing.

Enough already! Pictures:




Thanks for looking,


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Thats really nice Adrian, a superb little model and beautifully built.



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A beautiful little model Adrain. Regards, Joe

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Thanks for the comments!

If anyone is building this the following may help:

  • the kit colour scheme shows silver cowling and painted grey fuselage sheeting. I followed this, but I have yet to see a photo where these two areas are not either silver+silver or grey+grey. I thought about re-painting the grey with silver but it's too lumpy...
  • either replace the kit aileron and elevator cranks or sharpen them up at the root or at least give them a darker colour at the root to make them look less blobby.
  • lots of examples seem to have (sometimes asymmetric) extra cooling holes on the front of the cowling.
  • check your model for big splodges of dirt on the port side of the rudder before taking photos! (I'm blaming the ground crew for that one)


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