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Boeing C-17 Globemaster III - Qatari AF

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Should have been finished as part of the "Lesser Built Airforces" GB but time was against me.

Build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234973889-qatar-boeing-c-17a-globemaster-completed-at-long-last/

Glad it's finally over and done with as I've now got the spray booth back but wondering where to display it - it works out at a whopping 14" wingspan..... and that's in 1/144th scale.

Built OOB - You will need a little bit of weight in the nose - Mine was fine until I fitted the tailplanes at the end - Managed to feed a couple or three cut up airgun pellets through the nosewheel well to sort that problem out.

Used Tamiya and Gunze paints - Decals came with the kit but you'll need lots of Microsol to apply to them as some are expected to settle in 3 different dimensions at once, they did settle down very well in the end though.

Revell thoughtfully (and thankfully!) supplied extra burgundy decal as well as some black lining should your walkways go awry.





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Thanks all.

Turbofan - Steps are included in the model as an option, you can have wheels up or down, cargo doors open or closed, there's a full cargo bay and basic cockpit, only thing missing are flightcrew.

Snitok - not sure what the plantlife is, think it's some kind of rockery plant. Seems to be in scale though.

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