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The "I'm bored with sanding" build

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As the title says, I've gotten bored with the sanding involved in my main build.

So I started something new. Isn't that always the way? :P

It started with a plastic ski pass... Then it turned into this:


Blocked out turret and gun mount.

The it morphed into this long-gunned monster.


That was the end if the first build day.

Today things got started on the body.


It's upside down in this picture.

It ended the night like this:


It's eating into my plastic card supply...

Turret detailing got started,


This is a hatch and a ring under some tape.

I also boxed in the gun cavity.


This took ages!

Anyway, here's how she sits at the end of. Work tonight.


Rather menacing isn't it?




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I'm really enjoying this one. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with it, but I am really enjoying it.

I'm going to ask for suggestions here, because a) I do t nnow what else, if anything, needs to be added and B) I have no idea what kind of scheme to give it and c) I'm not sure where to get tracks.

Here's where it stands as of tonight:


The stowage net will get it's frame finished, and the pistol port will get filled with a backing. Also going to put some clear stuff in the from if that little box and have it as a periscope.

Suggestion please guys!




Is there a tank emoji?

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More improv! :D

Since this thing is eating my plastic card supply, I decided to try something different for to stiffen the main body part.

Enter balsa wood covered in white glue.


Glue is drying in this picture, but I think it should work well.

Also did more on the turret:


Chopped off the mg magazine, it was too big for my taste.

Added aluminum tape as surface pannels and as detail on the antenna.

Pulled out the original stowage bit and replaced it with 2 different new ones. The 2 wire rectangles attached to the near side are the start of one, and the other is hiding behind the piece of foil that wil form the top cove for it.

Also narrowed down the time frame, it's going to be a very end of Korea-Vietnam war era tank.

Now how the heck do I paint one? Research time




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Did a bit after dinner :)

First stowage bin (the one that was hiding)


The lock I'm going to put on is sitting on the turret roof.

The second bin/cage is still a WIP


There will be 2 more bats at the top and then a foil or Kleenex lining with aluminum tape tie ins.



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Thanks guys,

I'm not sure what wh40k is though, sorry -_-

Anyway, I think the turret is pretty much done.


Today I added the gunners periscope, a couple loops that a lot of yaks seem to have near the gun, a little vent thing and the beginning of yet another stowage design (old wood crate)




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Well it's good to see you're having fun!!

This build has taken my completely by surprise; a, by what you're building and b, how fast you're building it!

It looks great and I see there is a interesting use of an old battery as well!

So good luck on this build and I'm sure you'll have fun!

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I certainly am having fun.

As for what I'm building, I fancied something different, so I went really different.

As for the speed, I'm just working on it while something is drying/curing on the Pucara.

Also, that's not actually a battery. Is be too worried about leakage to use one. It's it buzzer from and old cell phone that got wet. I've got a whole bunch of bits left over from it.



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More done here :)

Got that stowage thingummie sorted...


It's even got a Kleenex tent and wire tent poles in it :D

Then I used some household spray paint to test how smooth the sidewall thingey was


Answer: pretty smooth.

Also made some scheme and time frame decisions. It will be west german army, at the start if the Vietnam war. They were involved because the UN got involved, not just the US.

Will be using a few of these decals (from a sea king) but if I'm careful, nobody will ever know)


With scheme decisions come colour additions.


Just a base coat, but this tank will be well weathered. The unit went though hell and came out the other side (also, I feel like try to weather a tank)

And that's all for tonight (well, this morning)




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I'm really liking where this is going. Of course, this is when I have to leave the bench/home for six weeks to go to a cadet-run camp out of CFB Cold Lake...


I did a bunch of dry brushing on the tank's top turret half. Most of it got light green then silver, and the wood bit got light green then pale brown.


I think it looks awesome. There's a bit of blue poking through on the hatch part, but I don't mind it, adds variety.

Btw, yes, there are letters visible on the bit facing the camera, but I dont mind that either.

Next up I added a grand total of 4 decals. They're all from the sea king sheet.


I reall want to keep working on this... Aargh

It's going so darned well :(

Anyhow, see you all in 6 weeks or so,



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in such a short time you have managed to build something from scratch that looks great!!!

Can't wait to see what you have planned for the next part when you get back!

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

This build is back!

My Pucara isn't going to get finished, had a disaster on the paintwork, it'll take ages to sort out, anyhow, I'm not sure when this build ends, but I've got lots of time on my hands so will try to finish up my tank.

The first thing that I did after I got home was to start painting up the finishing bits on the turret. That means machine gun and main gun.

The machine gun after a bit of weathering.


Ammo box has also had it's first coat of silver.

A terrible picture of the main gun:


Basically, it's black with a bit of gray dry-brushing.

Next up, I moved onto the hull again.

I filled the other side of the hull with the same balsa and white glue mix, then painted black.


Next up was the side track cover areas, here's a partially completed one:


And here are both finished up:


Here's a few shots with the turret dropped on for effect.



You may have noticed in those last few that there a little more colour on the turret than before. That's the red tips of the smoke grenade launchers and the blue of the gunners lens.


Last thing that I've done so far was to add detail onto the hull.



And back:


And the fuel tank that fits into those mounts at the back (with fuel hose too)


Anyway, that's all for now, not bad considering I got home at 7pm yesterday...

If you have any comments or whatever, feel free to post them.




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If they want the cards back... They're SOL

Anyway, I did more painting today (yippee)


This has a base coat and two dry brushing coats on it.


This one shows off the silver dry-brushing as well at the light green.

And just to be a tease:


Now for the serious part: where the bliddy heck do I get road wheels and tracks for this thing?

Help please!




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Another small update from me.

I still have no idea what to do about tracks so once I get the side skirts on, imma have to call it stuck.

I'm not there yet though :)

I got the fuel tank painters and on, needs a bit of weathering yet.


The shot also shows 3/5 decals on the hull.

When I went to combine the two turret parts, I used a bit too much pressure, so now I've got t fix them. The turret is together, and the last bit has it's glue drying in this photo.


It's just plain white glue btw, any thjngs else would mess up the paint. I'll have to do a few touch ups here and there, but not many.

And that's it.

Advice on tracks? I'm clueless here...




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This one is getting really close to the finish line, it's rather exciting, seeing as I haven't finished anything in about 5 months.

Anyway, the side skirts... They're pretty much done.

Here they are freshly painted.


Not sure why the wet areas look gray in the photo.

And here they are weathered up, with the start if the mounting points attatched.


Can anybody spot my weathering screw-up?

It's been fixed now if you do notice it.

Remember how I had to re-glue part of the turret, well, touch ups are finished.


That means the turret is 100% finished :D

And last up, a shot of everything, just to show how darn close she is to completion.


Track ideas are still appreciated.




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A hover tank was discussed earlier in the thread, but I've wanted to avoid that, and I think I've sorted that problem out.

Yeah, the track problem isn't as much of a problem anumore. :)

First up, here's the side skirts all made up.


Next up. My clever plan.


You can probably tell where I'm headed...

That's right. Tracks, nope. Pictures, yep.


Btw, it's shiny because I gave it a couple coats of future.

It's not the most convincing of representations, but it'll do from behind the side skirts. The paper has been glued to thin balsa if you couldn't tell, and I'm going to make some track imitations and paint them black tomorrow.




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Alrighty! This tank is finished. Now I need a name for it. Any suggestions?

Anyway. Picture time, for the last time.

Here's one side of the side skirts mounted.


The spacers are there because I somehow managed to make the side skirts a bit short.

And here is is with the glue on both sides curing.


As always, it's just Elmer's white glue. I love the stuff.

Last bit of detailing was some tarps.


You'll see later that I only ended up using 1

And here it is basically done.


I love it :)

The very last thing I did was to make the tracks more "realistic" (they're not that realistic anyways)

I did it by making the "tracks" with balsa.


Then I sanded the sharp edges out, and painted them dark, metallic gray. (Sorry no picture)

And that's the last of the WIP. I'll have the RFI up in no time at all, and that'll be it.

Thanks for the support and advice on this one guys, and I'm sorry that the Pucara didn't make it.

Best of luck to everyone still working on their builds.




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