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1:90 Stantisima Trinidad & X-Section by DeAgostini

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I have decided I wanted to attempt to build a plank on frame ship to see if I could do it, and also as a long term project. I have never built one before and have zero experience with woodwork however I do like a challenge.

I hope you dont mind me posting it here, if it is not the right place or not allowed please let me know and I will delete it. I know there are other forums that deal with wooden plank on frame ship models but I am already a member of too many forums lol

I have chosen to do the partwork by DeAgostini as this comes with very good step by step instructions guiding you through the whole process. This is also comes with a X-Section to build as well.

For those that are unaware a partwork is delivered in monthly packs, this paticular one is 33 months in total. I am currently at pack 13 of 33.


The Santísima Trinidad (officially named Santísima Trinidad by Royal Order on 12 March 1768, nicknamed La Real and sometimes confused with the Manila galleon Santísima Trinidad y Nuestra Señora del Buen Fin) was a Spanish first-rate ship of the line of 112 guns, which was increased in 179596 to 130 guns by closing in the spar deck between the quarterdeck and forecastle, and around 1802 to 140 guns, thus creating what was in effect a continuous fourth gundeck although the extra guns added were actually relatively small. She was the heaviest-armed ship in the world when rebuilt, and bore the most guns of any ship of the line outfitted in the Age of Sail.

The Build

The first few posts will be catching up to where I am at the moment then it will be updated as I progress

I started off by sorting all the parts I had currently, lots of nice hard wood in this build.


Massive pile of planking strips, these are 2 x 5 x 250mm


Lots and lots of little bits all sorted, there are a massive pile of pins supplied [blink] I wouldnt want to drop them on the floor [lol]


More wood



This shows some pictures of the cross section parts, I havent sorted these


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First of all I had to tidy up my work area, I do like to keep it as tidy as possible


A temp spray booth


Another work area


Let the build begin. I will be jumping ahead in the instructions as from all the other plank on frame builds I have read people seem to like to get the false keel and ribs build first.









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I made a jig out of a shelf from the racking I have in the garage, I will replace the jig with a pine shelf, this will help to keep it all straight

More progress assembling the ribs


While I waited for the glue to grab and start drying I set about trying to work out a way of making it easier to cut the planks I needed for the first deck, I ended up making this jig



Next I bodged a dry dock until I get the chance to get something more substantial



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Today I removed Rib 1 & 2 to re-seat them as the forecastle deck wasnt sitting flush.

I started by taking the bowsprit deck that sticks to front of rib 1 at the top and rests on the false key. I planked this and stuck it in place making sure this was all sqaure. The reason I did this part first was because it would rest on the top of the false keel when rib 1 was inserted thus giving me the correct seating of rib 1. Sorry forgot to take a picture of that part, I then seated Rib 2 and placed the forcastle deck on to get the right position.

This all worked perfectly so am back on track, just dry fitted here as a test.


Next I planked the two halfs of the bow deck and attched, once the glue is dry I will sand. I havent decided if I will add the pencil treenails now or once the whole deck is done and then apply danish oil all at once. You will notice I didnt use the pencil technique to show the caulking, this is because I liked the effect of just the Danish oil that Stevie_o showed on his build




Time for a small update

Rib 7 attached and clamped up to make sure it is nice and square and forecastle deck support glued down.



Dry fit of hidden deck, all looks good


While waiting for the glue to dry I set about the long and slow task of cutting up another 100 deck planks, give or take.


Final false keel added then Rib 8


As you can see I am doubly sure that it is at right angles, I also measured the distances between the tops of ribs 7 & 8 just to make sure [biggrin]


While that was left to dry I made up the anchors from step one, I also made the 2 from step 48 as I had previsouly sorted all the parts out.


Im sailing on with this one [lol]

Checking alignment after gluing another Rib in place.


While the glue was drying I decided to crack open my OcCre workbench so I have somewhere to start putting things as at the moment everything is strewn accross my work area leaving me no space when I want to carry on with other builds.




Just need to stick the rubber bits on the last 3 parts and this bit is done.


Last Rib clamped in place, last bit of hidden deck added and supports added between the deck join with scraps, although after gluing them in I realised its the next up I should be gluing the supports where the decks join [blink]


Its looking good to my eye




That brings this up to date

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Hi Dave.

You have taken on a nice challenge and I see you have all the equipment ness to build this ship.

Big or small ship, there's no problem here lol.

You have come to the right place shipmate.

You will however take some shore leave in between this build.

foxy :coolio:

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Hi Dave

Nice to see something different on here, looking forward to seeing this progress. I have a Caldercraft HMS Pickle which has stalled but may be this could give me the enthusiasm I need. She looks like she'll be a bit of a monster when finished though and will look mightily impressive, although its practicability as a beer stowage is going to be a bit limited!


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Thanks guys, I thought I had set myself a massive challenge with my Yamato build but this is something else, Im sure the step by step instructions for this will make all the diffefence

I do have a 1/72 Finemolds Millennium Falcon on the go as well to satisfy my plastic needs :D but this has slowed down at the moment as I am at the stage o wiring up about 40 odd LEDs, not something I have done before. I also have just added a Trumpeter T90 Main Battle Tank (05560) to my stash today.

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i am keeping a close eye on this build having just started my own wooden build in the week, best of luck with it, you have made a good start!!

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i am keeping a close eye on this build having just started my own wooden build in the week, best of luck with it, you have made a good start!!

This is looking very interesting :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


Pull up a chair, its going to be a long build :)

As I have been working nights I have not been getting much time, what little time I have had I am using to get the workstation finished.

Its really taking shape now, just a couple more bits to do and its done. Its feeling really sturdy now

Im not sure if I needed to or not but I did add some small nails for extra strenght on the joins, although I am pretty sure it would have been fine after the glue had dried properly. I just wanted to make sure

Started filling the draws already;





Oh and this flew over the garden yesterday, we get a lot of flyovers during airshow season.


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Finished the OcCre work station and started filling it up


A bit more progress made with the Trinny. Deck supports added, middle deck added and Rib 12 added. Thats all the ribs now, had a quick dry fit with all the decks and they all fit just fine :) no picture of this.

I will continue to finish the middle deck then plank it all in one go.



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Today is one of those rare days that I have a day off AND no chores that need doing, well apart from repainting the kitchen window sill so I started off this morning with starting the planking after I had left the remainder of the middle deck drying over night.

I had precut about 100 planks for the task, I found this quite an easy task, this was probably as I waited until the whole of the deck was in place and had pre cut the planks. It didnt take me long to get through all those planks so after lunch I shall be starting the tedious task of cutting lots more.

I will be doing the trenails with a pencil as per the instructions after the deck is complete and had a light sanding.





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Great subject - this is going to be a corker to follow - brings back memories of my delprado Victory build which got as far as the rigging and then stopped. Your WIP pictures with the levels, clamps and rib numbers really bring it all back to me .

I have just got my hands on the Heller/Airfix HMS Victory (1/100) in the hope that building and rigging it will then show me how to complete my delprado Victory - their build notes were not particularly helpful once the hull was completed - my snap below is where I got up to about 3 years ago.

All the best with your exciting build - looking forward to watching it come to life... - John


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Thanks Jon :) I am really enjoying myself with this at the moment, we will see if I feel the same when I get to the rigging :D

You Victory looks great, DeAgostini do a Victory too, perhaps some one over there could help with rigging insntructions.

I take it you've seen the awesome work foxy is doig with his Heller Victory?

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Nice one Beefy, they look like they could be useful for the rigging

Between sanding and painting the kitchen window sill, I carried on planking the middle deck.

I am chuffed to bits with the progress that I have made on this so far and apart from the hiccup with ribs 1 & 2 everything has gone really well.

About 250 planks were cut today, the planking progressed out to the edges and nearly finished. I decided to plank and go right to the edges where they wouldnt be see as well as I saw it as practice for when I come to do the main deck. Some planks had to be notched to get round the ribs.







I am absolutely loving the work station, when I've finished everything is just popped on the try or in the storage areas ready to start work another day.


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Cheers Guys,

Plank of plank :D

I am really impressed with the workstation, definately a must or these bog builds.

Here we have the finished planking of the middle deck, trenailed and 1st coat of Danish Oil being applied, I will apply another 2 layers.



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Looking good Dave but for future reference check out Foxys planking as in where the joins should come lengthwise

I'm away from home at the moment with poor internet connection and can't find reference pictures, PM Frank he'll be happy to help


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Thanks Jon :) I am really enjoying myself with this at the moment, we will see if I feel the same when I get to the rigging :D

You Victory looks great, DeAgostini do a Victory too, perhaps some one over there could help with rigging insntructions.

I take it you've seen the awesome work foxy is doig with his Heller Victory?

Hi Dave of the Twins (does that mean you are a relation to Walder Frey?)

Yep - I wanted the DeAgostini kit but at the time it was way of the budget allowance - my father in law gave me a suitcase and asked me to build the contents which turned out to be all 100 sets of the DelPrado alternative.

Mr Foxy has been the whole inspiration behind me getting on and finishing my kit - along with building the Heller kit alongside it

Wifey says I have to finish my Viking ship and Blakes 7 Liberator first though !!! :banghead:

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You could try and expand this for your Victory rigging and I maybe able to send you a link with these in if you PM me Jon




Hi Beefy

thanks for the input - I have seen these pictures noted elsewhere on the forum recently and I am pleased to say that I do actually have them already - courtesy of my later father in law.

For me, I need to physically follow a set rigging build up stage process so I am hoping the Heller kit will teach me the process - the diagrams and illustrations I have will help greatly for final detail etc.

I did buy myself a copy of the Haynes HMS Victory manual last week - its very good and shows a lot of detail that will help - but not altogether unique in information which is already available from numerous other sources - I guess it is the Author Peter Goodwin that adds the touch of difference to it


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Thanks for the info Kev, I have had a look around the net and see what you mean, I will bear this in mind if I do another one :), I will have to follow the instructions with this one so all the decks are consistant.

Sorry John I have no idea who Walter Frey is Im afraid, I did google it but still non the wiser as I dont watch Gmame of Thrones either lol, I am an identical Twin though :)

After looking ahead in the instructions I decided I would be safe doing the gratings [biggrin] so here is where I am;

it was fiddly work doing these, I found it easier to tape two of the corners down. Once all the parts were in place I took my CA applicator tool and rubbed it around the inside of each square to fix it all in place.

Next was to cut out the grates needed, 5 in total.

I have completed one so far, rounding off the edges slightly. Just need to decide what varnish to use on it now








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