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++++FINISHED++++ The other Tims - Italeri 1/48 Tornado IDS - GR1, Op Granby, ZD851/AJ - Tabuk Tornado Detachment, Saudi Arabia 1991

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Will be looking at my normal 1/48 build too (may be on the drag with my F4G to finish and the 1/72 Tonka, plus a couple of cheeky work deployments to fit in around a family holiday!)

Have not built any Gulf aircraft, so nows the time.

Am thinking of ZD790 or ZD851 as I have the decals.

I could place ALARM missiles onto AJ as I have an Airfix 1/48 F3 that has them in the stash!

Some great Gulf War Pics here




Sprues have now been washed - will source 2 pilots gor my normal in flight finish (maybe from the Airfix GR4 in the stash!)

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Now that the Revell 1/72 is awaiting Mr Color DG paint and my F4G from the phantom STGB is now finished here I have kicked off this build.

On first glance the kit and build look quite simple - yes there are some inaccuracies (anyone who has followed any of my WIP's knows that I ain't too bothered as long as it looks like the subject!) and some parts are simplified (engines cans area, Swing Wing sleeves, weapins could be better etc).

However, having just looked at dry fitting etc, the fit seems to be a right pig - some more in the pics further down!

Well, I will get on with it, Desert Pink can and will cover up no doubt a multitude of sins!!

To start, I decided to get all the major components of the sprue, fettle/sand where needed, dry fit and glue. As I said the kit is quite simple build wise I spose.

I stole 2 x large tanks from the Airfix F3/EF3 kit I have, as well as 2 trusty aircrew. I will also be nabbing the 2 x ALARM missiles later (when I can find the instructions!!) as well.

Once everything was ready, I primed with my trusty Halfords grey and set aside to dry.

Before my hols I will try to get the pit started and the aircrew looking ready for action.


This kit was defo not designed to be built airborne, some of the airbreak gaps and gear door gaps are crazy!!





apologies for the focus of my IPhone - but you get the gist!!

Some references found on the net:







I will paint the tanks desert pink as well, was looking to paint them as per the F3, but the references show otherwise.

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Looks like a horror fit wise. As for the fuel tanks, I am not sure when the would have been painted pink but I am sure that they would have been grey when first given to the GR Sqns. I will have a more detailed look later, but I have just found a picture of an Alarm toting GR1 (dose not say which one) with the Pink paint coming away from the nose area exposing the grey underneath. Also have you had a look at dstorm. eu, as this site has a wealth of photos of Gulf aircraft.

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Thanks Jabba.

Yes the pics of AJ above indicate they were desert paint covered at least towards the end of Granby, which the decals represent.

Have seen lots with grey tanks from the trg phase before the conflict started.

Will try to weather the ARTF pink as all the airframes looked very worn at Endex.

Will do my best with the build, then paint over/weather any 'issues'!!!

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Managed to get some pit-painting started last night, will dry brush and add some colour too....then finish the crew off:


Need to paint up the seats - not great but will try to colour as per the MB MK10A, pilots will be in em anyways...


just need to finish off the pilots before I see what 'surgery' they will need to fit in!



Handy page for GR1 cockpit references etc:


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I do have pictures in one of my Tornado books that does show one of the Alarm aircraft with one grey and one pink tank fitted. Will let you know which one (book) when I get home tonight.

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Squeezed some more time in today, detail painting the pit etc initially.


The 2 aircrew suitably prepared - no doubt have typical RAF names like 'Ginger' and 'Sandy'... :bleh:



Instructions said to paint the panels black, on looking at the references they were the same grey, so I re painted and added a dash of colour here and there.





A bit of floreys to dirty up the pit (although I am sure that Messers Ginger and Sandy ensured the lineys kept the place suitably RAF clean!!

Got the front parts together, aligned ok:




A bit of filler and sanding to get rid of the obvious seams as best as possible.


Talking of seams - it appears I was not put on this earth to do seams...I never seem (pardon the pun!) to erase them totally? I add some filler, coarse sand, light sand etc....not sure where I go wrong...anyways thought I would give the 'Big Jugs' a pop and the Boz/Skyshadow pods.



Painted up the engine exhaust areas, initial coat of a mix between Humbrol 27004 Gunmetal mixed with some Revel silver.

I then dry brushed on some Xtracolor exhaust, Xtracolor burnt Iron and some Hum 62 leather to add a tinge of brown/rust seen on Tonksas:


Just playing around really, came up with this:




from this!!


Got the wings sorted:


Also filled and sanded the horror gear doors and airbrake areas.

Any top tips for the swing wing area?

This kit has absolutely nothing but a gap!!

So any clever ideas, work arounds gladly accepted!


A productive session, starting to get along a bit now - bit of a break for my holibobs! :drink::frantic:

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I have had a look in my Tornado books and I am now a bit confused. Both of the pictures that I mention are in the Tornado Multi Role Combat Aircraft by Jon Lake and Mike Crutch. The aircraft shown on page 96 shows it with 2 fuel tanks one grey and the other pink. But the confusing part is that the Ser No that I can make out is ZA411, which although being painted pink and carrying 2 Alarms from my records did not go to the Gulf. The other picture on page 97 show an aircraft with 3 Alarms is fitted with 2 grey tanks. From what I can make out it is carrying the tail code of either AG or AC as the dirty on the tail and the angle of the aircraft in the photo does not make it that clear. If it is AC that would make it ZA739 which was a TIALD aircraft, whilst AG would be ZD893 again not an Alarm aircraft and it crashed on take off on 20 Jan 1991. So sorry to say although there are some pictures of what you are looking for (although not Amanda Jane), and not (from what I can make out) Alarm carrying aircraft so this may not help you at all.

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Thanks - looking at ZA893 it is listed as an Alarm aircraft from the RAF records, but as you say crashed early before the first missions: http://www.raf.mod.uk/history/RAFbaseslistduringOperationGranby.cfm

The pics I see look as if AJ had 2 x pink/desert tanks....however I may take some artistic licence!!

Listed by location are the bases used by the Royal Air Force during Operation Granby and the aircraft at each location.

Saudi Arabia

Dhahran Royal Saudi Air Force Base

Lead Squadron
Aircraft Type
Tornado GR1 and GR1A

Tail Number/Name
ZA370/A (GR1A)
ZA371/C (GR1A)
ZA372/E (GR1A) "Sally T"
ZA373/H (GR1A)
ZA374/CN (GR1) "Miss Behavin'"
ZA376/- (GR1) "Mrs Miggins"
ZA397/O (GR1A)
ZA400/T (GR1A)
ZA403/CO (GR1)
ZA457/CE (GR1) "Bob"
ZA461/DK (GR1)
ZA490/GG (GR1) "Gigi"
ZD707/BK (GR1)
ZD715/DB (GR1) "Luscious Lizzie"
ZD719/AD (GR1) "Check Six"
ZD740/DA (GR1) "Dhahran Annie"
ZD745/BM (GR1) "Black Magic"
ZD792/CF (GR1) "Nursie"
ZD843/DH (GR1)
ZD847/CH (GR1) "Where Do You Want It?"
ZD895/BF (GR1)

Tabuk Royal Saudi Air Force Base

Lead Squadron
16 Squadron
(RAF Bruggen)

Aircraft Type
Tornado GR1

Tail Number/Name
ZA393/CQ (T) " Sir Galahad"
ZA406/DN (T)
ZA447/EA " MiG Eater"
ZA452/GK " Gulf Killer"
ZA460/FD " Fire Dancer"
ZA465/FK "Foxy Killer "
ZA467/FF *
ZA473/FM "Foxy Mama"
ZD719/AD (A) **
ZD739/AC (T) "Armoured Charmer"
ZD744/BD "Buddha"
ZD746/AB (A) "Alarm Belle"
ZD747/AL (A) "Anna Louise"
ZD748/AK (A) "Anola Kay"
ZD810/AA (A)
ZD844/DE (T) "Donna Ewin"
ZD845/AF (A) "Angel Face"
ZD850/CL (A) "Cherry Lips"
ZD851/AJ (A) "Amanda Jane"
ZD893/AG (A) ***

* = Shot down on 22 January, 1991. Crew killed.
** = Later to Dhahran
*** = Abandoned near to base due to control restriction on 20 January, 1991. Crew ejected.

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Looking at paint - HUM 250, Xtracolor X032 or Tamiya XF57 Buff - any comments/advice?

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Tim whenever I paint a Gulf British aircraft (and I have done a few) I always use Hum 250 and add white to it to whatever I feel is right. I know that the colour is a little on the dark side straight from the tin, but adding the white gives it that faded look that the aircraft had after being under the sun for quite a while..

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the 3 phase fuse has been completed!

Some filling and sanding to do, not long and construction will be completed.

Phase I + II




Phase III




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now I am getting there I am torn between Hum250, Xtracolor X32 and Tamiya XF57 for the RAF Desert Cam.

Any advice?

Was going to do 1 Big Jug tank grey as per F3 and the other will use a different paint to the main body as I understand it was a local purchase and hand painted on 'in-theatre'.

What colour were the F3's Big Jug tanks - were they MSG or Barley/Cam Grey then?


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I agree with Hum 250, but do add a bit of white as the colour straight out of the tin replicates an aircraft that is fresh from the paint shop. As for the fuel tanks looking at the instructions for the Hasegawa F3 at the moment and they state Barley Grey, or whatever that is called now.

I have just had a look at the Aviation Workshop decal sheet for the "Tornado at War" and this states Camo Grey which I think is the same as Barley Grey.

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Got the mighty fin on, had to a bit of filling and sanding in places, binned the idea of wing gloves, wings will be swept and I have bashed this kit into a reasonable shape enough!!

Dipped the canopy so need to mask it and get it on. Soon be time for priming!



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Some work over the weekend.

Canopy masked and on with Chrystal Klear:


Remembered to paint the frame black for 'inside' appearance!



Halfords White Primer on - thinking is that when I pre-shade there will be more contrast options for the Hum 250 (with a couple of drops of white) when it goes on - well other guys on this build have, so I will heed their advice!



couple of seems/filler to tidy up then ready to pre-shade.

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