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Huffman Model 81 USAAF WW2 bicycle - 1/72 scratchbuilt

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Hi there,

I must first apologize to my fellow modellers who know me as a fanatic air-enthusiast... What on Earth am I doing in this forum corner?

Well, to cut straight to the chase, after finishing my latest build ( UC-64A Norseman http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234977555-noorduyn-uc-64a-norseman-matchbox-172-walkaround/ ) I decided to put it on its base along with "something else" other than the well-worn figures, barrels, Jeeps, pets etc. A bicycle sounded like an original idea so after a brief and disappointing reviewing of all the available kit options I decided to scratch built one :












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Ah, now I see, it's a Huffy, had one when I was first learning not to fall off. Brilliant work!

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I am blown away by this! It's a fantastic bit of work.

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Brilliant work!


But, what else is in your spares box that has a 17/2 chain ring, chain, and handlebar grips? :surprised:

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