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Look great ! nice start. Always been interrested by a Razorback and especially the Tamiya's kit. Your paint of details is really clean. cańt wait to see the next steps !


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This plane has been the subject of quite a lot of interpretations, regarding the fuselage colour, the wheel bays internal colour, the tail colour and the reg numbers. I have read almost everything related to it and I decided that I will be proceeding based on William Dunham's document.

Thanks William. A great document and an amazing research has been done...

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Very nice job on this one.

Bare metal t-bolts are my favourites...although I have to admit that this bare metal foil technique looks somehow intimidating.

Very good cockpit also.

It's gonna be a real beauty...I'm looking forward to see it finished.

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Shaping up to be a great build, you have chosen a very nice scheme as well.

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Thanks! Yes, I think the scheme is definitely one of the best for razorbacks, although not 100% documented.

One of the issues I am still trying to find out, is if the name on the cowling was in both sides or only on the starboard.

Actually this is the reason that the engine is still in for service :-)

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Today I found out the hard way why nobody uses the central "flat" type tank in any of the Hasegawa P-47s!!!

It simply works as a stand, lifting the model at least 1mm higher than its landing gear!!!

I thought it was my mistake, so I googled it. It is no surprise that nobody uses that :-(

Anyway, the main thing is done, with just the engine and the cowling on the bench.

Photos, once I have something interesting to show...

Cheers :bye:

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