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F4U-1 Birdcage tamiya 1/32 scale

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Hi folks

I didn" t have time to post any news for a couple of months because ........ the F4U-1 birdcage Tamiya 1/32 scale OBB ........now finish

paint , gunze and tamiya , AK interactive wash , pigment AK interactive and tamiya , watercolor pencils , resin parachute true details ,

decals barracuda

"MARINES DREAM" Bougainville 1943









First , I didn't plan on punting the shark mouth , actually half of it, as I didnt know anything about this half noz art on VMF 214 and VMF 222 Corsair.
Second, I wasnt able to see any picture that could have prooved it, but the other side.
At the end, I ordered the two volumes of Aircraft Picturial, based on Corsair.
Volume 1 page 27, you can find a Marines Dream's picture with the wanted side , of the shark, on which you can clearly see the eye and the inscription, placed under the cockpit. At that time I could have it fixed in adding the noz art.





I hope you like it ..

Best regards Pascal

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Fantastic paintwork and I agree that it must be the best Tamiya Corsair that I`ve seen yet,........well done indeed! You could only have improved it more by putting roundels onto it! :winkgrin:



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The Corsair, my favourite WW2 fighter yet somehow I've avoided buying either of the Tamiya F4us. It's getting harder to resist on seeing models like this. Perfectly weathered too. I note in particular how you've correctly shown the back not the front of the propeller worn down to bare metal. A detail often missed.

Brilliant work.

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That's a brilliant effort - just as I have seen most of those Marine F4U's - weathering from those crushed coral runways, the sun and the general flogging they took against the Japanese - captured perfectly. I'm the same as Russ C - best one I've seen so far

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Awsome plane and a stunning paintwork.

I'm a bit jeleaous ;)

Well done!

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