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Hunter T8 restoration, Newquay


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After many years of building plastic kits it has been a totally new experience and a pleasure to be involved in the restoration of a life size example of one of my favourite aircraft. WT722 has been with Classic Air Force at Newquay for while, stuck outside and rather neglected it was decided to repaint her in the colours she wore during the 1970s.

The departure of Classic Air Force from Newquay has been well documented, the remaining aircraft will form part of a new museum at Newquay. WT722 will be kept under cover along with the Harrier GR3 and another airframe in a HAS which will be open to visitors. The VC10, BAC111, Varsity, Canberra, Sea Devon etc will be parked on the disused runway.

January, removal of old markings.


All the old markings were measured and photographed prior to removal:


Further preparation and application of primer was carried out in HAS5.


Due to uncertainties with the future location of the museum we vacated HAS5 and moved back to 404 Hangar in April:



April 28th, back in 404 Hangar and the first coat of Light Aircraft Grey:






This is where we are at the moment, the fuselage roundels were masked and sprayed during the last couple of weeks. Wing roundels, codes, serials, stencils all planned for the next few weeks.



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What a beautiful and very professional looking repaint,.......I`m very impressed and congratulations to all concerned,



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