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Turned replacement barrels. 1:350

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Turned replacement barrels

1:350 Master


It’s quite amazing the number of sets of turned barrels Master Models have released, and they continue to dominate in the field with the release of these four new packs. Each set comes with a small sheet of instructions informing the modeller how to use the metal barrels and what size holes you need to drill out once the styrene parts have been removed.

[350-082] this first set is for the newly released USS New York battleship from Trumpeter. The small packet contains twelve turned aluminium barrels for the main 14” armament, eight turned brass 5” barrels and twelve turned brass 3” barrels.


[350-085] This set is for the Trumpeter 1:350 Tsevarevich (1917), and contains four 12” turned aluminium barrels, twelve 6”, two 47mm and two 37mm brass barrels.


[350-083] Contains eight 5”, (127mm) turned brass barrels for use on Japanese destroyers whose turrets are not fitted with blast bags.


[350-084] Contains eight 5”, (127mm) turned brass barrels for use on Japanese destroyers whose turrets are fitted with blast bags.


Well, there’s not a lot more to say about these sets, other than if have a requirement to replace you kits barrels then you NEED them. They are so much better than the injection moulded ones can ever be, and will really enhance the finished models. I really would like to see the lathes that these are turned on. Very highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of Piotr at logo.gif

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