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Tiger B (King Tiger) Camouflage, etc. for Ardennes (B. o. t. Bulge)

Ingo Degenhardt

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I am about to built a few King Tigers of s.SSPzAbt. 501 in 1/72 during their deployment to the Ardennes offensive and I am a bit confused regarding camouflage schemes, turret numbers, Zimmerit (or not) and so on.

Does anyone know about a good site where I can get an overview? I found something here and there on the net but I would love to find something listing up tanks and their specifics.

And by the way - did King Tigers have a standard factory camouflage pattern from some point on?


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Pretty good summation here:


As you can see, the theory on each company having different coloured tactical numbers is based on a couple eye witness accounts of individual tanks. There is no proof found in the form of a written order or directive. Only colour known for certain is the abandoned and subsequent capture of Tiger 332:




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