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Hi all,

Here's my latest build. I enjoyed it a lot as it is the second build for my collection of aircraft I have seen in real life (the other one being the SAAF Harvard "7024" I recently completed).


Kit: Airfix 1:72 P-51D Mustang.

I had to modify the prop as the Patsy Dawn in the photos I have does not have the cuffs on the prop blades' base (like most Korean war P/F-51D's). However, the prop also does not look like the standard F-51D's of the era, this one is clearly a little bit more rounded at the blade edges. I believe my modified prop end result to be more accurate for Patsy Dawn than the standard F-51D prop that comes in most kits.

The Airfix kit's panel lines is a bit big, normally I wouldn't complain because it's deep enough to cast a shadow and eliminating the need to do a panel line wash, but for this subject not quite spot on. But I wasn't going to fill all panel lines (done it before, no thanks).

Lastly the cockpit color is wrong (I painted it black instead of interior green), but I only had a chance to confirm the cockpit color when I was already done with the interior.










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Beautiful job. Really like the SAAF scheme, and tempts me to finish off the cockpit of mine and button up the fuselage. Nice photo of the 1:1 scale version too!


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A nice different NMF scheme. I've got some '48 Springbok roundel decals for an F86 and need an excuse to use them. I wouldn't worry about the interior; I can't see it

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Another great one here. Well done indeed. I look forward to seeing many more builds from you - no pressure mind.



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Always nice to see a SAAF bird and even nicer to see this example of the 'Flying Cheetahs'. Looks brilliant, nice work.

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Thanks everyone.

Lovely build - I like it. What did you use for the NMF?


Hi Michael, I used Tamiya AS-12 baremetal silver spray, which is now my go-to NMF paint. Since I don't own an airbrush (yet?) Alclad is not really an option for brush painting, and I have yet to try brush painting the Humbrol metalcote range, but I don't have a NMF kit I'm willing to sacrifice for an experiment at the moment...

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