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Alongside the U Class submarine I've just posted, I worked on the S-class from the same source. Generally the details are the same, diecast hull, crude plastic details and a big cut-out in the hull.

The S-class were also developed just before WW2 and built in large numbers, serving throughout the war and into the 1950's. In this case I wanted to create a replica of HMS Storm. The original was heavily featured in 'One of our submarines' the memoir of her CO Edward Young, the first RNVR officer to command a submarine. I read the books many times as a kid and will have to get a new copy to remind me.


The process was much the same as for the U-Class, but as the basic shape was more accurate, was a bit easier.

Filled hull cut-out

reshaped keel.

reshaped dive planes and rudder for a finer profile

Added fore-plane guards

Added bitts and capstan

reshaped tower

Built up 20mm base

foreplane - guard wires

rudder guard wire

replaced shafts and a-frames

MF/DF aerial

gun deck rails

rebuilt deck gun

20mm gun

detailed tower

replaced periscope standards

291W radar

etched brass guard rails



This time, the colours were those the original wore on her return from the Far East in 1945 using WEM Colourcoats. Again laser printer decals were used for the freeflood holes, gratings and footsteps. Weathering was oils, and Humbrol washes


Adding these two to my collection gives me the 3 major RN submarine types from WW2 alongside my PitRoad T-class boat.


With a bit of luck we'll see one of the manufacturers produce a proper model of at least one of these classes before too long.


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That's quite a list Andrew but I expect that was a bit of a walk in the park after Hermes, Broadsword and Yarmouth. Nice job, that's a good looking sub and a really nice finish!

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Thanks for the comments everyone, it was a change of pace, much easier to manoeuvre around the desk than Hermes!

The T-boat is a resin kit produced by Pit Road long out of production, and I wish I had tried to take a copy of it before building. Must be time for now Some of the inter-war boats have been kitted it must be about time for a new wartime boat or two to be produced...

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Very nice job done on those kits ,very nice indeed and i wholeheartedly agree its about bloody time we got decent models of these, why not Airfix ? probably not convinced they will make any money or that there isn't a market perhaps ? who knows maybe Micro Mir or someone will do them

I do fantasize of a 1/72 'T' class but will settle on 1/350 ....gladly

Cheers mate

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Your list sounds like a lot of extra work, but it was rewarded with a superb sub, well done.

That is a very nice collection of submarines, Congrats for that

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That's a great little collection and really nice work

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