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Sherman Mk.I with dozer, 4th NZ Arm.Brig in Italy - from Asuka ?


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Hi there,

I am thinking of making Sherman Mk.I dozer using Resicast dozer and Bison decals.

Now I am just considering a donor - but since all my other Commonwealth Shermans should be from Asuka kits, can you please recommend, which kit or kits should be used from Asuka/tasca range ?



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Would that be a M4A2 rather than a M4?



It could possibly be, but without seeing the style of transmission cover (or something else to compare between the two types?), I can't say for certain.

Interesting chart here does put it as a Sherman I:




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If the driver's and radio operators hoods are of the welded type as opposed to the cast type, that tells me is this is a tank built by Fischer Body. That in turn means it is most likely an M4A2 in that Fischer built mostly those variants. I'm looking at what appears to me as a sharp edge just above the add on plate in front of the driver's hood.

Just addding to the confusion here!


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Well, getting complicated a bit :)

Do you know about better resolution pic ?

Or are there some pics of Commonwealth dozer with visible markings to make a correct camo on correct version ?

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