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ВПБР-31 Београд

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Resin kit from Combrig models in 1/700 scale. Built in 3 days. I used acrlyc paint for deck and hull and Humbrol enamel black for gun barrels and ancor. It was not easy to assemble this ship due the bad instructions. Brush painted. The mast could have been more detailed with more antennas and the gun turrets don t match the original soviet AK 726 but it's OK since this is the only yugolsav ship on market.









Historical facts

The VPBR-31 BEOGRAD (serb. VPBR-veliki patrolni brod, eng. large patrol vessel) is a modified soviet Koni class frigate (PROEKT 1159). The ship was laid down in January 1978 in soviet shipyard in Zelenodolsk. It was completed in 1979 and etnered the Soviet black fleet as Sokol. In 1980 it was renamed into Split, a large town on Yugoslav coast. It entered service in Yugoslav navy in 1980. In 1982 four antiship missile launchers were added on the stern for SS-N-2 Styx missiles. After that it was reclassified as missile firgate. VPBR-31 suffered an engine failure in 1988 during the sail across the Adriatic. It was overhauled in 1990.

When the war broke out this ship was used to fight against Coratian paramilitary across the Adriatic coast. It supported convoys and the naval blockade of the coast. The most fearsome battle was the Battle of the Split in 1991. Croats claimed that they have damadged the ship but that was not true since there was no traces or scratches on the hull.

During the operation Sharp guard VPBR was the only ship resistant to NATO electronic jamming since it had analog radars and electric systems on board. In 1993 ship changed it's name to Beograd. In 2001 it was withdrawn form active service and it was offerd for sale. Since nobody was interested it was sold to in 2013 and scrapped in Albania.

VPBR-31 had a sister ship... VPBR-32 Koper, later Podgorica.

Hope you liked it.

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Thank you.

I think that I have missed a couple of things. The number 31 on the hull for example. I'll have to write it with white paint. My firend told me to make some weathering effects if it's possible.

More comments and criticism would help.

Here's the photo of actuall ship


Best regards

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She is a clean looking ship so you don't need much weathering. There are two main techniques that most of us use for weathering.

Drybrushing. This is using a much lighter colour such as white, dip your paintbrush in the light paint then wipe most of it off with a rag or paper towel. Then gently brush your model. The raised areas and details will gradually pick up the paint from your 'dry' brush. This will give your model a more faded appearance and make more of the details stand out a bit.

Washes. This technique gives the model some shadow and depth. Basically using a darker colour such as black. When the paint is thinned down quite a lot, looking more like dirty water rather than paint. When this very thin wash is painted over the model, all the dark colour will settle in all the cracks and corners of the detail, again helping the detail to stand out against the main colour.

Practice both techniques on some spare parts or an old model until you get used to how it all works.

Have a good look at some of the work in progress here, whether it is aircraft, armour, ships or any other type of model, you will find these two techniques are used more than any other.

All the Best,


P.s. we are all here to help each other so ask as many questions as you want, someone here will have the answer!

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Finally I've completed my first ship. It's been a while but I've realized now that I had to post new pics here. So here it is. It has a pennant number on the hull and red waterline. Enjoy.






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Nice work on a very rare subject, I recently returned from Dubrovnik so its interesting to see something from that period of history.

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