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Personally I'm coming round to preferring to close the canopies on my builds for a few reasons, A: they were normally left closed on the real thing, B: left open they spoil the lines of the model and C: they can be a pain to mount right and when the antenna wire mounts to them you have the extra problem of getting that to hang right.

I don't know what Spikelhund thinks, sorry I don't know your name, but all the fun is in the painting of the cockpit not actually viewing it in the completed model. We have the means now of easily recording the painting of things such as cockpits nowadays to view at a later date.


I do normally leave canopy's open but on this occasion I wouldn't have been happy with the finish, it makes a change to have one closed and I do agree with Tim that the lines of the aircraft look much better.



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That is a top drawer of the top set of drawers build ....beautifully finished. :worthy:

I usually build mine with the canopy open but have to agree with you that it looks far better with the canopy closed :speak_cool:


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