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Bottom hatches in Hawker Hart family


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In Avis/A-model 1/72 kit of Hwaker Hart family there are two versions of bottom slide hatch - with and without window. In all photos I found in net it is always without window from bottom. In which variants it was with window? Namely - I want to build two radial Audax mutations - Avro 674 and Iranian Audax (Nisr). I think that Audax as designed for observation can be expeted to have window in hatch. And I think the camera 's circle opening from bottom is always for all Audax (it is not present in Hart - as far as I've noticed) But perhap someone cn help me knowing it for sure. And what about Hartbeest? Hart trainer has not those hatches at all, isn't it? I will appreciate any help - I have Mushroom's book "Hawker Hart Family" but did not found this there.



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I've not as yet come across a photo of the window in the hatch. The sliding bomb aiming hatch for clear vision was fitted to all the Hart variants with the exception of the trainers and the RAF Demon. However the Australian Demon did have the hatch as it's role was similar to the Audax. If it was a camera window it would look down onto the message hook. There should I think be a hatch further back to enable the observer to retrieve the message and the camera port when fitted (in the Hardy for certain) was aft of the gunner.


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