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Airfix 1/72 Hurricane Mk1

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Hello again from the realms of no more shelf space, this is wot I finished yesterday, the new Airfix Hurricane 1 of 85 Squadron, France May 1940. Home made stand, Xtracrylic paint (over a thin coat of matt white enamel) - underside black is just Humbrol acrylic satin black. Pilot is from the Defiant, I modified him by changing the pose of his head, adding oxygen mask from a drop of cyano and hose from sprue. Decals are kit. I know Airfix decals will silver unless they are applied on polished glass with a vapour deposit of lab grade wetting agent, so my tactic was to remove as much carrier film as I could from the fuselage codes etc., use Microsol, plus use Klear as a setting agent in the case of small decals where carrier film is essential - seems to work. Just a case of chucking everything you've got at it... some decal needs a drop of pure alcohol to melt down over detail (note the raised details on the wings) - just don't get it on the paint!

This kit has excellent shape and surface detail but a few niggling fit issues - worst being the lower wing is actually too big! Plus I don't think all that interior detail is necessary, once the canopy is on you can't see jot, especially if the pilot is in there - ok for the 1/48 kit (is this scaled down directly??) but it makes assembly too involved for 1/72.

Masking RAF camo is one of my least favourite jobs, again I used everything I could think of including strings of tacky stuff, but in the end I just discovered Maskol did the job best. You can get a flaky edge but this can be lifted off with tape.

Hope you likes it...





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Another lovely Hurricane build on here - looks great in flight.

Yep, have to agree with that,


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Great build.

Quick question. The black and white underside.

Was that somthing that all RAF fighters had in France for identification purposes?

It's very striking.


I'm no expert but I believe this scheme was standard late 1938 - early 1939. By June 1940 "sky" was standard for all RAF fighters. Many fighters in May 1940 would probably still have the scheme.

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During 1938 and 1939, the RAF tried a number of underside colours before settling on Sky - and then Medium Grey. For a while the undersides were aluminium, then aluminium and black and then white and black.

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Nice model set on a great stand. I like the angle so both top and bottom can be seen. Well done. Joe

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Nice one :goodjob: maybe just an aerial wire to finish it off :beer:

Y'know, I just dam forgot about the aerial wire... probably add one later.

Very nice. Paint looks good. Love to see another "stand builder".

Did you put a drop of klear under the decals when applying them or on top? I find under works well.


Usually on them once they have dried a bit. Even with Xtracrylic or Xtracolor it's very hard to spray a finish you can apply decals to without the dread silvering - I think Klear klears up the problem (sorry).

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