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Massive Klingon Bird Of Prey

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8 hours ago, Neo uk said:


( cant work out how to add images )


Damn! I feel your pain though… tech and I don’t always get along well. 

I think there’s a whole bunch of advice on post pictures on the home pages somewhere. Possibly under FAQ. 

I bet this one won’t get stepped and repainted. That was a outrage! 😡

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On 20/05/2015 at 07:44, Raven Morpheus said:

Holy crap! I thought the 1/350th AMT/ERTL kit (that I've yet to complete) was big at 14" long!!


The Polar Lights' Enterprise is 1/350


The AMT/ERTL Enterprise(s), Reliant, etc are 1/537. Not as gigantic as the Polar Lights but still rather large :)


Cheers, Moggy (Star Trek nut)

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