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Hasegawa Mig-27 Flogger D 1/72 and other inaccuracies (Pic heavy)

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Hi everyone!

I decided to start something new on the side and get off the F-16 I am building for a while because I am getting a bit burnt out with it to be honest. I decided to start something fresher and I thought simpler.... naive I am!!

So I decided to start with the Hasegawa Mig-27 Flogger D in the 1/72:


This particular release is from 2003 although I am suspecting it comes from an old old kit as a quick search in Scalemates suggests. Also the combination of raised and depressed panel lines suggests. Furthermore there some significant flash in the kit pointing to a worn out mold.

So these are the sprues out of the box:




Plus a clear sprue with the 2 piece canopy, which can be mounted either close or open and a couple of clear part for signaling lights on the side of the main fuselage.

Some details of a few parts:





Now off we go!

First things first I did the research in the following websites if you wanna have a look around (best walkarounds I could find):





http://scalemodels.ru/news/1737-Walkaround-mig-27-irkutsk-MiG-27-Flogger-D-Irkutsk.html ( THIS IS MY MAIN REFERENCE)


I am not sure if I am missing something but first thing to strike me was the nose. Completely wrong shape, at least for the Flogger D model, which should be as follow:



(http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat.php?id=24979&cid=567&min=60&orderby=dateA&show=12) Photo credit

True that there are differences between the mig-27 models:


But all those nice targeting systems on the nose (Kaira-1 system) completely non existing on the Hasegawa kit! So I set myself to fix this offend!

Original nose:



A bit of standard Milliput and water to shape the Kaira-1 system main structure:




Sanding and reshapping will follow to lower the profile of the structure, also painted the sockets black and cut open the frontal element of the Kaira-1 using a photo-etched mini saw:


Now time for the optics!

Clear sprue which has been reshaped thinner and polished:


Cut the tip for the frontal element of the lens (see reference picture above):



A smear of CA and it is fixed!


Now the second optical element at the front:

This is just a clear styrene sheet cut and glued into place


Next will be covering all elements with the armoured glass windows which will be more clear styrene sheet and nose it is ready to go!

I have also been working on the frontal wheel bay which again kit version is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from reality! I will prepare another post just focusing on that one ;) After that comes the cockpit which in the kit is mysteriously missing!

As always comments / suggestions are more than welcome! Hope you like this



P.S. if you wanna check my F-16 build this is the link ;)


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I do like this kit, I remember I first bought one for a couple of quid many moons ago (mid '80's) and it was my first "technical" kit (ie moving swing wings!!). I recently did another quick build OOT but paid slightly more than the price tag!



Totally inaccurate but I don't care I just like the shape of it and it was great fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this one.

Cheers now


Just for fun: :winkgrin:


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Hi everyone! Finally got to sit around and get some pics! :D

As I said I have been working on the frontal wheel bay and finishing the nose. Next step will be the cockpit and maybe some avionics. Something that has surprised me it is the lack of reference pictures out there. There are not many (especially when compared with other modern aircraft)...

Anyway hope you like it!



As you can see the original piece does not even have a space for the wheels to fit into the bay!

Here are some reference pics:





And here it is the fit in the fuselage


This piece will be the bottom of the cockpit which I will also have to adapt as the wheel space has taken a significant part of the cockpit area. Also I had a quick look to the landing gear and I will to adapt some parts.

Other small things I have been doing:


Reference pic:


And last but not least!


All the best,


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Love all the detail. Very nice work.

Thanks! Hope you will also like the next updates. Cockpit almost done, working on the walls of the cabin at the moment. ^^

I remember building this in the 80's too. Many kits of Soviet Aircraft from that era were a bit vague. The Hasegawa MiG 29 was well off in shape.

Hi John,

yes I have seen other old Hasegawas. I also got a Mig-25 Foxbat in the stash and it also seems to be out of shape. I will do some work on it in the future when I finish both the Mig-27 and the F-16.



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Looks like another great build with a lot of details, I'll be watching with attention.

Love the work you did on the nose. Mind, if you start looking for inaccurate shapes in this kit you'll find plenty! This is a kit from an era when even the dimensions of Soviet aircrafts were not known in the west

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Looks like another great build with a lot of details, I'll be watching with attention.

Love the work you did on the nose. Mind, if you start looking for inaccurate shapes in this kit you'll find plenty! This is a kit from an era when even the dimensions of Soviet aircrafts were not known in the west

Hi Giorgio!

I have already noticed plenty of inaccuracies and I am just focusing on the first section of the jet! I am not going to be super-crazy with accuracy, don't want this to be an everlasting build. Gonna finish the cockpit, nose, landing gear bays and some avionics. The rest I think it will be OOB. I just need to gain a bit of momentum to encourage myself to go back on the F-16. I am glad you like it!



As Giorgio pointed it out... ah well, nevermind.

Enjoy your build, Gaia: you've got another one curiously peeking over your shoulder. :popcorn:

Hi Tom!

Also glad you are following! Please let know if you want to see something more in detail and I will make a post of it. Yesterday I was doing some fitting of the scratch-built cockpit, there is plenty to remove and modify so it fits in a realistic way.



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Hi Alex,

well, I'm not that good in WP aircraft, but this one is making me curious.

I recall that kit from when it originally came out, back in 1986 or so (or was it earlier?), and was always wondering what it looks and feels, and what can (and shold) one do with it. So, all your modifications are 'exceptionally interesting' for me.

That said, guess, I'll be of more help when it comes to painting and arming your duck-MiG ;-)

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Hi everyone!

It's cockpit timeeeeeeee! :)

I have been working on it the past days and it is now 90% finished. I may add some more buttons and some cable work. Still have to correct small issues with fitting and add another plate at the back of the seat so it reaches the fuselage frame. As I said this kit has no cockpit whatsoever so everything had to be built from scratch.


The base of the stick has some fabric around it, hence the smoking paper. Just realized that one of the arm rests of the seat has fallen off :(


This are some pics I took earlier in the week before doing some extra detailing:



The aiming sights will be built from scratch once the cockpit is painted and mounted. Also regarding the avionics, I will have to sand down that section as the plastic looks too thick.


Just a last detail of another section I had to file for cockpit fitting:


Anyway hope you enjoy it! As always comments / suggestions are always welcomed!

Best regards,


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Sorry but the cockpit is version of K. M version has an extra TV screen :whistle:

Check this out


Hi Harvy,

I know about that TV screen but that one goes over the top of the front of the sights. That's why I left that top right corner without a detail on it, so I can mount it later on, once the cockpit is finished.

Thanks for the link!

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  • 2 months later...

Hi everybody!

It has been a long time since I could dedicate some time to the build. Anyhow I was doing some research and trying to get some more detailed pics of the Mig-27, which is proving difficult...

I decided to scratch build the air-brakes and I have done the wheel bays. I am thinking whether to scratch build the parachute hub and definitely want to do something with the engine exhaust as it looks flat as a table, I am working on something regarding this but I am not sure if it will work out at the end... we will just have to try and see.

I will also start to do the paneling, I got a pretty good idea now on how it goes. So far I have sand down the raised panel lines and do some preliminary drawing with pencil on where are they going to go. I have also started to paint the cockpit but I will have to do some last minute fittings to get it done.

I will also start soon to prepare the avionics from the nose. This should be relatively straight forward.

Here are some pics: (Hope you enjoy them)

AND as always comments are always welcomed!

Upper Air brakes: I had to saw through the fusselage piece to get the sockets done. The internal structure of the bay is done with plastic card.


Upper and lower air brakes:


Air brake: I will have to do from scratch the hydraulics of the fin.


Main wheel bays: I will add the cable work and the piping once painted.










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Hi everybody,

I am just bringing you a quick update. I keep on working in the paneling and riveting; most of the upper hull has been re-scribed I may open some of the avionics bays on the top of the hull by the cabin. upper part of the wings and ailerons have been scribbed and riveted. I still have to finish the tail and will move to do the lower side of the hull.

I want to do some scratch build of the flaps, does someone has a reference link to a thread where someone has done some scratch-build work on similar flaps?

As always thanks for following and comments are always welcomed!



Lower side of the wings (before and after)


Upper side of the wings (before and after)


upper general view


Aileron detail


Wing detail


Tail detail


upper hull detail


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