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1/48 Revell Tornado 'Foxy Killer'

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Certainly not a straight forward build, i had a few problems with the xtracrylix paint and also the aftermarket decals were extremely fragile. Also had problems with the sidewinder mount, i ended up ditching the sidewinders as theyre not that great.
Anyway, we got there in the end, so here she is. I knew i would forget to take the masks of the targeting pod! And I noticed on the pics that one of the lights on the gear door had fallen off, luckily i found it on the floor and has now been glued back on.

Kit: Revell
Scale: 1/48
Type: Tornado IDS
Extras used: decals, eduard photoetch cockpit and crew ladder, Hindenburg tanks and Paveway bombs from the old airfix kit.
Paints used: Xtracrylix and Tamiya










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That is the GR.1 I have wanted to build for a long time! FK was always my favourite, you have done a stella job making this model. Looks absolutely brilliant!

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That is one beautiful Tornado and your weathering is spot on. I know you've made it look spectacular, but regarding the kit itself would you recommend it in terms of fit etc?

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Fantastic build..I love the tornado.


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Thanks very much for the comments guys! Much appreciated!

Selwyn, The bombs and the fuel tanks were stolen from an old airfix kit!

Arfa, Just a grey primer, black preshading, then 3 light coats of desert pink.

Vivkulan, Its Xtracrylix desert pink, FS10279.

Notty, there's a couple of bits which need attention but nothing major. I think i would certainly build another so yes id recommend it!

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