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Many of you may of read elsewhere on BM that Merv Milliken (Spike 7451) passed away from Leukaemia today.

Merv as well as being a long standing member of BM had an encyclopaedic knowledge of all thing Tornado having worked with them and their armoury for many years in the RAF.

Merv would always share his knowledge with anyone who wanted to know anything about the Tornado.

Back in 2011 Merv hosted the Tornado STGB HERE

I think it would be a fitting tribute to Merv's memory to run a Tornado STGB II

Now this is a big ask. I as the GB Moderator know that the STGB calender is full till the end of 2016 but I wouldn't want to wait that long for a GB to come around. So with your permission and support I would like to organise and set this up earlier rather than later.

Also I would like to use the GB to raise money though a donations direct to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Please feel free to discuss.

Interested members:

  1. Mish
  2. Richard E
  3. Muzz
  4. Cookenbacher
  5. Brokenedge
  6. kspriss
  7. SaintsPhil
  8. Peter W
  9. Lex77
  10. Hockeyboy76
  11. Arniec
  12. John Laidlaw
  13. RickPadwick 1801
  14. Caution Wake Turbulence
  15. RNoAF Aerobatic Team
  16. Mozzy19
  17. Andyc
  18. Dermo245
  19. Swat11
  20. Nimrod54
  21. Greg136
  22. Andrew
  23. charlie_c67
  24. Air-to-air
  25. Giorgio N
  26. Tim T
  27. exdraken
  28. Dazio
  29. Lex77
  30. theplasticsurgeon
  31. Tim Moff
  32. alex
  33. stevemk1
  34. Caerbannog
  35. Jasonb13
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Mish, great idea, I'm in. I was also going to ask if anything was happening regarding a collection for flowers or a charity so happy donate too.

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Mish I think that this is a wonderful idea, and normally I would join. But the timing is not right as I am finishing a Tornado at the moment and would not like to start another. Good luck with the GB as I know it will succeed.

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The Tornado GB was one of my first GB on Britmodeller and Merv was a big help in making me feel at ease and welcome.I'd happily build another as a tribute to him.
Count me in.

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