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Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7 Tropical - 1:48 Eduard Weekend Edition


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Bf 109E-7 Trop
Eduard 1:48 Weekend Edition


If you have not heard of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 then were have you been? The E-7 variant incorporated the developments of the E-4 with Armour and structural improvements, the change from MG FF cannons to the MG FF/M and the "square" canopy. In addition it introduced provision for an optional 300L drop tank, the first time the 109 would carry a drop tank. Alternatively a bomb could be fitted. The E-7 entered combat at the end of August 1940. A total of 438 E-7s would be built.

The Kit
On opening the box for this weekend edition the modeller is greeted with four sprues of grey plastic, a clear sprue, and a set of Eduard's super fabric seat belts. The moulding is top quality and there is no sign of any issues.


Construction starts in the cockpit area, with the first order of business being to add some detail to the cockpit sidewalls. We briefly move away from the cockpit to construct the intake area on the underside of the engine. Once this is done we resume the cockpit proper and get onto the main area for the pilot. The control column is added along with the pilots seat, rudder pedals, lower instrument panel and landing gear controls. Then engine bulkhead is then complete along with main instrument panel and the gun sight.


The next step is construction of the engine, and the armament which sits on top of it. If you are going to build the model with the engine cowl closed then most of the engine parts and the guns can be left off. It would be shame to do this however as there is a lot of good detail in this area. Once the engine is complete in either the fully constructed or basic form, it along with the cockpit and tail wheel are placed into the main fuselage and it is closed up.


The next major construction step is the wings. These are a conventional lower one part main wing with left & right uppers. The wheel wells need to be placed inside the wings before they are closed up. Fully positionable flaps and slats are provided if the modeller wishes to pose them up or down. The underwing radiators are also added at this point. Once the wing assembly is complete it is mated up with the main fuselage.


The next step is to attach the tail-planes and the rudder. The tail-planes are one part but the rudder can be positioned as needed. The main undercarriage is the next item to be constructed and added. These consist of a tyre with a left and right hub. A one part main gear leg is added with a separate main brake line which is a nice touch. These are then attached to the main gear door and installed onto the airframe. The external tank is also made and attached at this point if you are going to be using it.


The last construction steps are to add the cowlings to engine if you are using them. The head armour needs to be attached to the main canopy, and all the clear parts assembled.

The canopy from Eduard is very clear, and a crisp moulding. It should pose no problems.


The decals in Eduard's weekend options are certainly improving. Not only do you now get two options, but they have included some stencil data which was previously missing from the weekend kits. The decals are The options are;
  • 2./JG 27, Ain El Gazala Airfield. Libya 1941.
  • 1./JG 27, Ain El Gazala Airfield. Libya July 1941. Flown by The Co Oblt Karl-Wolfgang Redlich. .


This is another great boxing in their 109 series from Eduard. With the inclusion of two decal options, stencils; and a set of seat belts this Weekend Boxing is great value for money. Overall Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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Its a nice touch, that Eduard has improved their Weekend kits, two versions and seat belt belts in some of them.

Yes it is good. Also you get the airframe stencils now as well, and you did not get those in previous weekend editions.
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