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1/72 - Westland Dragonfly HR3 (new variant) by Mach 2 - released


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After the Sikorski S-51/HO3S-1 (http://www.mach2.fr/s51.htm) Mach 2 (http://www.mach2.fr/avionsg.htm) is to release a 1/72nd Westland Dragonfly HR.3 (BEA) kit - ref.GP.062









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I wonder if it's the same kit as their HO3S-1...

And with the same flawless molding and unprecedented detail that are Mach2's hallmarks...



I was quite excited by this news until you posted that! Are those sprues cast in cement?

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Well, it's not THAT bad: kits from, say, Unicraft or Merlin or RVHP are much worse.

But yes, it's rather crude and all parts are very, very thick.

The clear parts are especially frustrating: you can hardly see anything (except, well, the light itself) through that glass nose. I suppose that to build a realistically looking HO3S-1 from this kit one will have to fashion a home-made vacu-formed glass nose.

However, the geometry looks more or less accurate to me.

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I have actually build a few MACH 2 kits like the Triton and Alizé. They need some tender loving care but a nice model can be the result. You do need some modelling talent in deed. In most cases they are the only game in town anyway

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Currently building their Savage, it's not the best but with some time spent on it, it's taking shape nicely! Now I know what is needed when building a Mach2 kit, I wouldn't hesitate on building another.

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In 1/48, Belcher Bits do a very nice resin HO3S-1 with parts to make a Dragonfly HR3. If you're a fan of "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" then a Mike Forney complete with top hat is included.


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>> Where can I find Aerodrom Dragonfly?

On e-bay, presumably.

1/72 Aerodrom HO3S-1 kit: http://w4u.am.lodz.pl/~piokas/texty/aerodran.html (scroll)

1/72 MPM HO3S-1kit: http://www.modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=202&t=39311

See for yourself.

I'm not really sure that those two are any better when compared to the Mach2's offer.


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I have a lot of Mach 2 kits and if I like the originality of the subjects, more than the general roughness of the kits my main complains goes to the poor research which reflects in shape errors. For example their Beech 200 is absolute fiction.

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I have the MPM HO3S-1: it's overscale and the quality is not much better than Mach2.

I've been searching for the Aerodrom kits on the Bay for a long time: I've never seen one. So I hope someone can suggest some other source.


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the seller don't ship abroad, unfortunately.

Maybe you could ask her to do so. If she won't change her mind, I can help - I could buy the kit for you and resend it to Italy. PM me if interested.
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The Mach 2 Dragonfly is neither fish or fowl and is not correct for the HR3 or the BEA  machines or come to that a S-51 either, the rear fuselage is a hybrid of both types..


The Westland (BEA Machines) were re-engined S-51s that were provided by Sikorski as part of the license agreement and retained the characteristic aerodynamic sweep from the fuselage underside to the tail rotor boom, the grillage and exhaust differed from the the US engined machine, but they were  essentially a S-51. Westland loaned the re-engined S-51 machines to BEA for route proving and demonstration purposes.


The Westland HR3 Machines had a different rear fuselage which was more "squared-off" to allow additional stowage and rear opening doors (for such equipment such as stretchers et al) and the differences are quite startling in profile. The BEA painted machine at Cosford, is a repainted military HR3 and should not relied on for reference purposes, for one of the three original BEA liveried machines.


The Aerodrom kit is correct for the HR3, but wrong for other the kits in thier range.

The MPM kit is an overscale S-51, with shape issues and will need significant work to convert into a BEA machine and probably not worth the effort, either.

The Britavia/Airways/Whirlybirds kit is entirely correct for a HR3, but for no other version without significant modification.


It is worth noting that Whirlybirds have recently signicantly updated thier kit with a whole host resin and etch extras and superb decals sheet, but it does retain the original Britavia acetate fuselage halves, which maybe a challenge to some, the link below is to thier current catalogue.




In 48 scale:


The FM kit can be made in to pretty much any variation of the S-51 - including with some modest adjustment of grillage and exhaust ports the BEA Machines, major surgery would be required to convert it to either HR3/5 configuration - again would it be worth the effort?


The Belcher Bits kit is the bees knees and is well enough engineered so that it can be pretty much made into any variant of the S-51 including the Westland BEA machines and the Westland HR3/5 configurations too.


I hope that helps.



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As an addendum to the above, I believe Roger at Whirlybirds is considering replacing the acetate fuselage halves in his HR3 kit to ones with clear resin halves. Also I understand a S-51 (including the Westland BEA variant) is on his radar too.


No idea of times scales et al, if want to know I suggest any one interested contact Whirlybirds direct.



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