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Airfix Albion Refueller - a look in the box


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War or not, RAF vehicles were painted according to A.M. directives. The instruction to apply disruptive painting to RAF vehicles was issued in 1939 shortly before war was declared. The use of extemporized finishes occurred mostly in the south of UK on RAF vehicles still mostly in RAF Blue Grey BS.33 or requisitioned civilian vehicles of which there were many. By 1941 new build vehicles carried regulation colours and service repaints the same. It was still possible to see the pre-war colours on some equipments in 1943 if the paintwork were in good condition.

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Found this actually Instructional film showing an Albion in the GS role . . . 2mins 12


Fascinating to see what I believe is a 9 Squadron Wellington, Is it Mildenhall ?? note the style of codes seen which I haven't seen on decal sheets available . . . .

Also great info as to the make up of S.B.C.s

Hope this is exceptable here ? The Mods may move it elsewhere . . .

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Would love to try my hand at doing these conversions but have a question about the note on the drawings reference  “Chassis raise 6mm Space 14mm “ I am having a very senior moment but haven’t a clue how to interpret that or how it might apply.  Any explanation would be greatly appreciated. 

I also have a question as to what type of load might be seen in the bed of the tender as used at a squadron level? Many thanks in advance. 

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