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I need some etch parts but none available.


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I'm building the Mach2 Savage and I'm changing the way the engine nacelle look, as it had certain parts removed when converted into a fire bomber, the cowling flaps on the engine are to prominent so I have taken them off and I'm looking to replace them with etch brass flaps, roughly 8mm by 6mm.... but I can't find anything off another etch sheet to use. I've trawled through Hannants with no luck - or maybe I'm blind.

I have tried several times cutting it out in plastic but I just can't get the square edge.. any ideas on how to do this? It's annoying when you get three perfect edges and one that's off... then when you try sanding it even it just gets worse.

If you look in this photo below - Above the undercarriage leg, it's the flap that recesses in a bit.

Photo taken by - Tomás Del Coro


Thanks in advance...

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