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Martin Baker Mk. GRU5 seats are out now.


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Hi all,

I've just released my latest product: a set of MB Mk. GRU5 seats for early Intruders in 1:48. The seats were used in all A-6A and EA-6A aircraft as well as in early A-6E until the mid 70's.

The seats are designed to fit the HobbyBoss cockpits. I haven't tested them on Revell of Kinetic kits so I can't say whether they fit without modifications. The seats have individually placed harness straps and hose detail and come with a pair of drogue gun rods for each seat as well.

Here are some photos:





Direct link to the product: https://www.hypersonicmodels.co.uk/product/martin-baker-mk-gru5-ejection-seats



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As for the A-6A/A-6E, it's definitely one of HobbyBoss's finest! The few flaws of the kit are the wrong seats in the A-6A kit, the comical exhausts with the turbine face sitting at an angle and the simplified intake/compressor face. The seats and exhausts you can get from me (Hyperosnic Models), and for a nicely detailed seamless intake you can buy XMM's excellent product. Some nice decals (Furball, Fightertown, AOA...) and there's no excuse not to build an absolute stunner!

I hope they will do an EA-6A and EA-6B as well, but I'm not holding my breath as that would mean some major new tooling.


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