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Nigel Foster60

Spitfire mark 2 in the Battle of Britain

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I would like to know if anyone could possibly help me.
I am struggling to find good references on Spitfire 2's in the Battle of Britain.
Does anyone know of good references including the full markings. This is for a proposed model as the kits seem to come with latter (post BoB) markings.

Thanks in anticipation for any kind replies.


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Hi Nigel

been asked before, note its 'II' not '2', wartime mark no are written in Roman numerals, at some point after the war this was changed though.


Big problem is photography was forbidden on RAF bases, so photos are very rare.

The 266 sq pic




has a Spitfire showing starboard side, codes read UO*A, useful as code order varies.

In Light of Edgar's post below, and rereading the link, this is the other Mk II


Since the 'EB' has been slapped over the serial, you could pick one from the list Edgar gives.

Since looks like a scan from a book, I presume a better print is 'out there' somewhere.

Anyone know more on this?

a trawl through here http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/p003.html

will turn up serials and a brief history, if you could get individual aircraft letters you maybe able to guesstimate some markings.

Hopefully others will know more, or of other photos.

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41 Squadron received P7281, P7282, P7283, P7284, P7300, P7314, P7322, P7326, P7354, P7371, P7374, P7375, P7442 & P7443 from 611 Squadron, who had been flying them since August. Neither Squadron seems to have noted the individual letters.

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Ah ha, I knew that I'd answered this before! (Or rather, given information about squadrons using it- it doesn't necessarily answer your question, but might help.)


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