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P-61A Black Widow, GWH, 1/48

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Hi folks,

You all know the beautiful Monogram kit built by Mr Shepherd Paine back in the days. Off course that one sets the standard and is a true beauty, inspiring me to make my own P-61A Black Widow fitted into a small Pasific Vignette. The idea is an engine overhaul after bad weather sand blasting the plane leaving a lot of chipped paint.



I used the GWH kit L4802, a kit that has been debated with accuracy issues. Nevertheless it was a great kit with an over all very good fit. I really enjoyed buildning her even I if do find the trend with fitting the landing gears before closing the fuselage(es) very annoying.



I added Eduards interior, wheels and engine. The fixed turret and the controls are from Lone Star. Painted with Gunze and Ammo paints using various Ammo products for weathering and chipping (hairspray technique, my very first try).



There are some scratch built items such as the crane, the prop gear and the table. The prop blades are from True Details and decals from Zots.



The truck is a Tamiya 2,5 ton 6x6 with Aber PE and an Vector engine fitted to the flat bed. The jeep is Hasegawa with leftovers from the Aber PE. The figures are mostly Aires from their new range. Various ground equipment from Brengun and Tamiya is spread around.





Thanks for looking :bye:


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Your vignette looks like the Shepherd Paine on old Monogram catalogs but is really different.

It's smaller but the P61 has more details.

Nice weathering: your plane has flying hours.

Is the extra engine scratch build or did you buy 2 kits?

This highly detailed including etch brass is nice but not for beginners.


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I wish the kits weren't in the 60 bucks plus area, otherwise I'd buy one now and start building tomorrow....but well, there's the other

boxes already awaiting me and the smart part of my mind saying "nooooo, don't spent money again just because you saw something

nice on britmodeller" :)

Great build, very inspiring...

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Thank you all for all the nice comments :)

@kiera666, the kit engine is quite nice so I kept it for the left side where I just opened a cowling hatch. The right one is Eduard and the one on the truck is Vector. Vector has more details, Eduard has better fit. For the office I actually prefer painting resin over pre-painted PE. The kit office is not bad but as this are open offices they need some detailing for the eye pleasure.

@philtn, I went for the first kit batch that was quite criticised for inaccuracies. When the new release came out the price on the first one dropped - time to buy :) Having built two GWH kits, this one and their F-15D, I say they are right up there. Thay are very nice and worth the money in my opinon. Both kits came together very nicely almost without putty and have nice details like PE included in the box.

@Scooby, kit decals. I think the nose art is from a Mustang. Found in the scrap box and as it had the same size as the star on the other side, and it just spiced up the green colour scheme a little.



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