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Hi again Folks,

I've just finished this fairly ancient Fujimi 1/48 Spit V which as usual I picked up for a song on fleabay.

A bit crude to say the least....you get get a radio hatch on each side !!!! no cockpit detail to speak of(canopy doesn't open anyway) but I pit some airwaves harnesses in anyway, my first time with photo-etch.

The IFF aerials forced me to butcher the elevators a little, but on the whole I enjoyed the build, next time though I'll try the newer airfix offerings or maybe eduard.

The paints are Vallejo Model air which I love, sometimes you have to mix your own colours though, which is easy with their dropper bottles:


Dark Earth........Dk Earth 029/white 001, 3 to 1

Sky.......... US light grey 045/white001, 1 to 1

Feel free to comment :winkgrin:

PS This is Wing Cdr Kent's personal ride, hence his initials as codes.


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That looks excellent! Perhaps the fin/rudder profile is a bit suspect, but she certainly looks like a Spitfire!

A minor point – the antenna wire from the post behind the cockpit to the rudder is work in vain. ;-) The Mk V had no wire, since it was equipped with VHF radio and the antenna fit inside the antenna post.


Very neat modelling.

Kind regards,


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Hi Folks

Thanks for the comments thus far.

Spitfire 31: I checked out the spitfire site and was going to leave out the main aerial, but I had conflicting info as some pics(probably wrongly) show that particulatr a/c with a HF aerial, so I thought might be because he's a wing co. But you have confirmed my suspicions, see this: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234919118-johnny-kents-spitfire-mkvb-photo-needed/

I have just noted some disturbing additions to this post !!!!!!

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Cool Spitfire. I don't think i've seen this one (the Fujimi kit) built up before. Looks great.

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Thanks for the comments, can't bring myself to ditch the HF aerial at this stage :weep:

These kits can be sometimes found on ebay but personally I think you should chuck in the extra cash and get one of the newer Airfix offerings(I have a late seafire in the stash to be done later this year)

It's now the 'smelly paint' season as I can spray in the shed now it's warmer........so more Alclad stuff etc from me soon !!!

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