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Pilot Figures

Ultracast 1:32


There are times when you’ve finished a model aircraft that then screams to be placed in a vignette or diorama. For that you may need a figure to give a bit of life. Ultracast have just released these two, one is rather restricted to a limited number of aircraft whereas the other is a bit more of a generic figure that could be used in all sorts of scenarios. Each of the cream resin figures is contained in a zip lock poly bag with a card header stapled to it.

[54015] Actually designed for the Tamiya 1:32 Corsair kits, this figure of Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, but could equally be used in a 1:32 P-40 Warhawk of the Flying Tigers unit. The figure is in a seated position and is beautifully sculpted by Mike Good with a lot of detail that will need some very careful painting to make the most of. The figure is separated into torso, head, arms, legs and undone helmet strap. The torso is complete with seatbelts and life vest whilst the head is moulded with the helmet, plus goggles perched on top. The Arms are posed as to be holding he control column in the left hand and the throttles in the right. The face is very well done and does actually look like the real Congressional Medal of Honour holder as seen in the many pictures online.


[54016] This figure is more generic, and therefore more versatile. Once again sculpted by Mike Good, and is of a German WWII fighter pilot form the mid to late period. In a standing pose the figure comes with torso and legs moulded together, but with separate arms and heads. I say heads as there is a choice of either one in flying helmet or one peaked cap. Rather un-pc these days, but fine for the period, the figure is shown smoking a cigarette, held in his right hand. The model also has a separate holster.



Ultracast figures are new to me, but from having a good look at them they really are top quality. Mike Good lives up to his name with some excellent sculpting of the masters. You really need to be up to speed with your figure painting though to give them the paint job they deserve. Very highly recommended.

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