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Italeri 1/72 F-84G Armée de I'Air

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Ok, i've decided I'm in for this GB after all.

With other projects on the go I could not see myself going for a large kit, I was earlier tempted with a 1/32 F-84G hobbyboss kit, but settled with a down scale to 1/72 and the Italeri kit which from the looks of the plastic is a reboxing of the Academy kit.

Anyway, will be updating as I go, starting the kit in about a week after i've finished my current build for the lesser built AF GB



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Great choice and a good kit.

Be careful to get the right airbrake and cheek auxiliary intakes for the aircraft you're modelling, there are plenty of variations.

The cheek inserts are interesting, I suggest test fitting and shimming to get them to fit properly.

Welcome to the GB.


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