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FINISHED The other Tim's 1/48 Hasegawa F4G Wild Weasel - Spangdahlem

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Humbrol Clear on, ready for decals!


Starting to look the part!


Luckily not too many stencils in the G Model, especially this one according to the references....suits me!





Brushed some Humbrol 27004 Gunmetal metalcote on as well, gave it a quick buff - look the part I think.


Also masked off a couple of the steel panels above and painted in a revell shade.

So I put a protective gloss coat on, next up a bit of weathering and weapons.....I want to make it quite worn as they all seemed to be - so a floreys pin wash, maybe some floreys on the worn areas - also some thinned oils (burnt umber and black) ....weapons wise I have put out the feelers for 2 HARM's (I know you can buy em but at £8 a pair I wouldn't do em justice!!), there will be 2 x AIM 107 Sprrows, 1 x ECM Pod and a full set of 3 tanks - these will all need weathering too.

Then its the Matt coat.

Getting close to the finish line now...but the clock is ticking with a week away working in Moscow and my hols coming up!!

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I have completed a normal floreys wash after sealing the decals with humbrol clear - now looking to finish off with some artist oils and/or pastel dust.

Given I have used Me Color paints and thinners, does anyone have any advice as to which thinners I should avoid or use to mix into the oils/pastel chalks?

Don't want to ruin the work up to now!

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Before the Floreys:


After Floreys:



Luckily the black line will be behind the intake plate to go on!


Bit of masking around the steel area for effect



Not the best pic, but the area behind the exhausts using Jabbas tip regards the Humbrol Gunmetal Metalcote - buffed with a cotton bud.






Next will be a little bit of pastels/oil wash in the dirtier areas....then the weapons on!

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Thanks - the grey doesn't look ' blue' enough when the pics were taken on the blue background ..... Better in the natural light though. Some pics of the airframe see a duller grey.... Happy with it so far/

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Looking very good indeed Tim. All the work that you have put into this model has really paid off.

I have just noticed that you are using the Speedhunter decal sheet. How were these? I ask as I have this sheet and will be doing the only Euro 1 aircraft that flew in the Gulf conflict.

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Thanks all.

The decals are cartograph I believe - they went on well but there is no plan/overhead references. I lost one Wong decal as they are so thin they can 'wrap'. I used micro sol and then set.

Doesn't look too bad, no silvering?

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That really does look good Tim. I wonder how McDonnell knew the Phantom design would look good in practically any colour scheme for the next 50 years?

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Capt P.H. Tomb and Maj W.I Weasel have come from out of the masking and the kit is now nearly fully assembled.....I didn't realise, I have a Hase F16CJ in the stash, that have a pair of AGM88 HARM's - so they were nicked, primed, painted and Cleared....now awaiting decals and a wash...which will have to wait as I am off to Moscow tomorrow.

But, here are some pics before then....





You can probably tell that I am quite pleased with the result - nice seeing the (nearly) end product!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Calling this one finished.

Completed the AGM88 HARM missiles and superglued onto the rails.

Final pics before the boys ceiling!!











Will get 5 pics up onto the gallery.

Thanks for following.

Good luck getting over the finish line - I am off on my hols!!

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